Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A squishy in the mail!

I think that all quilters love to get what we call "squishies" in the mail, don't we? Whether it's fabric that we sneakily ordered (ooh, do I HAVE to list that on my Stash-In list?) or giveaway goodies, or sometimes a special gift from a good friend. 

I'm lucky to call Sasha (she blogs over at Stitched by Sasha) my friend. I think that if we lived near each other, we'd be having quilting or sewing days together now and then, and calling to check on each other's kitties if they felt bad! Isn't that one of the lovely things about blogland? We have such a great community of quilters and sewists and crafters. 

Sasha makes the cutest bags and stocks her local yarn shop. She does that, and then also tries to stock an etsy shop --- here is why it's hard for her:

 They're so cute I bet they sell super fast!
And she makes these:

"This is the sto-ree. . . of some sad crochet hooks . . ." Imagine that sung to the tune of the Brady Bunch. Well, they really WERE sad! They lived all jumbled together in a very tattered zippy bag. They didn't have a home of their own.

Pfffffttttt! Sasha to the rescue! Now the crochet hooks have a home of their own, with separate compartments for each one. 

They look happy, don't they? (Grin)  Just look at those happy faces.

Now Snoodles is happy, too! There's a space for my ruler, and my pen to make notes, and there's even a zipper pocket on the front for more supplies:

And I love, love the fabric! Kitties! 

Thank you, Sasha, for my crochet hook case! I am over-the-top crazy about it! Thank you, my friend!



  1. That is really cute as well as practical.Love the kitties.

  2. How sweet! She is pretty talented and you are pretty lucky to be the recipient! Also love those little bags!

  3. Nice, and so pretty too. My Grams would have loved to have a holder like that for their crochet/knitting needles.

  4. Oh...what wonderful items...

  5. I'm so happy you love it =D Much cuter than the zippy bag, huh =P

  6. Love the crochet hook holder; great idea!

  7. I love them all! I would take up crocheting but I think if I started to stash yarn poor hubby would keel over! Thank you for sharing!

  8. What a wonderful squishy to receive in the mail. Love the colors! Bloggy friends are definitely the best!

  9. Soooooo cute!!! Love all the stuff Sasha makes! Enjoy!


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