Monday, February 25, 2019

Love this resource!

(Please check out the "Full disclosure" page on the blog -- some of the links you will see here are affiliate links!)

I've really gotten hooked on sewing with denim, lately. I even went to the thrift store and bought several pairs of (ahem) portly, er, quite large men's jeans so that I could cut up some more to use. (Grin)

And then I delved into the "stash" of classes and projects on Bluprint. Oy vey. I confess I spent a while looking and learning. The dishes did not get washed until the next morning!

Y'all did know that Craftsy is now Bluprint, right? Look at these cool projects that would be great in my scrap denim!!

I want to start this new tote bag:

Don't you want to jump in and sew, too? (Grin) Oh, I'm such an enabler!
This could be made in the waxed canvas, like the class details, or you could make it in denim! You get seven classes that are yours forever -- that's what I love about Bluprint! My class library can be accessed anywhere, anytime!

Is a messenger bag more your style? Try this class:

Here is the link to that class: click here for the messenger bag above.

Or, to change things up a bit, maybe I can use some of the denim scraps to make some cute and casual projects with animals!

I've made some of Elizabeth Hartman's cute projects before, and they are so fun and easy! Here is the link to her class on Bluprint!

If any of these have piqued your curiosity, just click on those links, or on the Bluprint ad on the top right-hand side of the blog page -- you'll be glad you did, cos they have awesome sales going on right now!!

Pardon me! I'm headed back there for more inspiration and fun!