Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Colonial Needle Blog Hop Finale

Moses, my studio cat, is quite happy that Barbara at Catpatches is our Colonial Needle bloghop hostess today.  Her blog is one of his favorites, as she regularly posts pictures of her special kitties: George and his ample-bodied assistant, Gracie.

When she posted a video of kitties "singing" Silent Night at Christmas, Moses nearly demolished my monitor -- he climbed up in my lap, then onto the desk, and then tried to get to the kitty in the picture . . . purely in a friendly way, of course. But we don't hold Barbara responsible for that. (Grin) Moses just found it irresistibly cute.

He also has a serious case of hero worship. It's not widely known (I think she had to stop his blog-posting because of celebrity issues -- you know, stacks of adoring fan mail, bundles of catnip, that kind of thing) but George's secret identity used to be Captain Cat-tastic. Moses so admires his bravery in the face of pythons, coyotes, neighbor spy-cats and the like.

Now, I know that you are primed and ready for her giveaway, so hop right on over to the Three Cat Ranch and enjoy your visit!  (You may want to follow her just for her great recipes....and for the Key Lime Smackdown that is coming in the near future. LOL)