Thursday, February 28, 2013

Here's a sneak peek . . .

. . . of what I've been working on. This is my project with the uber cute fabrics from Jacquelynne Steves -- the line is called Happy Town.

Here is part of what I have put togetherOf course, my Quilt Inspection Team had to photo bomb a little.

Moses the Studio Cat wanted to check it out:  

Padsworth had to make certain that the Steam A Seam II was applied correctly:

And DragonDrop had the last say in where the letters were located:

All in all, it's a team project, and I hope to reveal it soon. In the meantime, check out the contest over at this link, and be thinking of what you could make --- there will be two bundles up for grabs very soon.

I'm linking up with the Rock and Share Reunion Linky Party and The Shady Porch!
  Happy sewing!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Green Fairy Giveaway Winner!

A big thank you to all of you who entered our sponsored giveaway!  The folks at Green Fairy Quilt store are an awesome bunch, and we love 'em! We love their selections of fabrics, too, and there is big news this week . . .

Green Fairy is now offering FREE SHIPPING along with their already super prices and stellar service!

It's time to choose our winner, but first, take one more look at this:

 Drool! Apple Jack by Tim and Beck! Yummy!

And cross your fingers:

And watch as DragonDrop puts his little paw into the hat:

And here's our winner!
(Whispering) Never fear, Mr. Random actually picked the winning comment, but we have to humor DragonDrop, don'tcha know? I mean, just think of what an angry dragon can do to all of my lovely fabrics with his flames . . .  (Grin)

It's number 170! See?

And that is Mom2RyandSis, a long-time follower here at Lilypadquilting! She said:

Mom2RyandSis doesn't have a blog, but perhaps she will send us a photo of what she creates with this gorgeous bundle, and let us post it here at the Lilypad!

Now, if you would like a bundle of AppleJack for your very own, and your name is not Mom2RyandSis, you can click here to hop over to Green Fairy store and score some great bargains on super fabrics -- and FREE SHIPPING!! (Grin)  

We'll have more mischief and mayhem here tomorrow, so come back and see us!



Saturday, February 23, 2013

Swoon play

Don't forget our super-duper giveaway! Click here! 

Many of you know that I'm working on a Swoon quilt for my daughter, in some luscious blues, greens and grays from my stash. I thought I would show you some progress . .

Come right in here to my sewing area and I'll show --- whaaaa?

Hey, what is going on here?

(Tapping foot) OK, guys, I'm waiting for an explanation.

Oh, thank you, Padsworth. So DragonDrop wanted to be a super hero? He wanted to use one of my block components for a cape? Hmmmm.

Yes, I see how you were trying to help him. Oh, and you asked Edna? Wow, you really went to the top for your design genius! And she told you no capes?


That's understandable.....looks like you and Mr. Incredible got the same answer, huh?
Well, I have some folks here that would like to see that block completed. 
What are you up to, now?

Careful with that cutter, OK?

Oh, I see, DragonDrop! You changed your plans and decided to be King for the day! Alright, strike a regal pose for the paparazzi!

Giggle! That lop-ear look is quite effective!
Now, may I have my block pieces so that I can finish? Thank you!

Here is my finished block!

And here is a close up so that you can see the pretty fabrics!

Happy sewing to all! I'm off to work on two projects at once! (grin)


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Padsworth says, "Go and vote!"

Looking for our giveaway? Just click here and we'll whisk you away to the fabulous bundle giveaway, sponsored by Green Fairy Quilts!

Oh, uh, ribbit! You caught me working on my tan! A guy has to look his best, you know!

I have accepted the honor of emceeing at the Golden Quilters' Awards, and I take my responsibility very seriously!

I'd like to encourage all of you to hop over to SewCalGal's blog and cast your votes for all twelve important categories! It's a great way for all of us in this virtual community to express our appreciation for the folks who inspire and instruct us, and cheer us on to greater creativity.

Kinda like a virtual hug for these wonderful people who give so much of themselves, to so many of us. And I like hugs!

I can't vote, since I am the master of ceremonies, but I'll try to help SewCalGal with the counting! (Grin)

You might win a fab prize, just for participating! Check out all of the particulars when you get to SewCalGal's place --- and tell her that Padsworth sent you!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hear ye! Hear ye! Sponsored giveaway!

UPDATE: This giveaway is closed now, but thank you so much for your interest!

We have awesome sponsors here at the Lilypad! I'm always happy to point our peeps toward their shops, and today is no exception! Just take a look at what the special folks at Green Fairy Quilts are offering to one lucky winner!

It's a Moda Fat Quarter Bundle --- Apple Jack by Tim and Beck!! Wowser! There are thirty-three fat quarters in this delicious bundle!

Take a look at some of the cute fabrics in this line:

Love this print on blue -- so fun!

Anyone for a fruity snack?

Gorgeous blue up there....and look at these musical notes!

Uh-oh!! I think you better take care of your keyboards! Drool alert! Brights ahead!

Apple Jack is such a cute line . . . and think of all the fun you can have with thirty-three fat quarters! (Grin)
It's just one of the fabulous pre-cuts that you can find at Green Fairy! They have oodles of inspiring and exciting fabrics for you to choose from. 

The Green Fairy store will also impress you with their super customer service -- to go along with that great selection of fabrics, you'll find flexible, knowledgeable help, fast shipping, and wow! Have you seen all of the drool-worthy inspiration over at the blog? Ahhhhh.....I could spend way too much time over there! 

I know, I know, you all want to know how you can win this bundle --- alright, here is the scoop: I'm going to give you several ways to earn entries in the giveaway. You don't have to do all of them, but if you are excited about that bundle and want to increase your chances of winning, then do as many as you like!

1.This is the only pre-requisite entry -- please hop over to Green Fairy's site and sign up for their newsletter...I promise they will not spam you. The occasional email newsletters that they send will have news of exciting sales that you won't want to miss!
If you are already a newsletter recipient, or if you just signed up --- leave me a comment to let me know!
2. If you are one of the special folks who follow here at Lilypadquilting, feel free to leave another comment to earn another entry!
3. Here's your third chance to up your chances of winning: check out the Pre-cuts that are coming soon.....tell me which of the lines that are coming in APRIL (Hey, it's my birth month, so I decided to make April the one you look at!) and let me know which one you would love to add to your stash in the spring.

There! Padsworth and DragonDrop tell me that we should leave this giveaway open for a week, and let lots of you have the chance to win, so we'll close this on next Tuesday, and announce our winner after that!
Good luck to everyone!


PS --- This is a gorgeous bundle of fabric, and I know that a lot of you will be commenting to try to win....please forgive me if I don't answer everyone's comments, OK? I do read and enjoy all of your comments, but I may not have time to answer everybody! Thanks for entering our giveaway!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

$500 up for grabs!

One of the most fun things here at Lilypadquilting is the opportunities that we have to design with and spread the word about new fabric lines.

I would like to show you one of those today --- currently there is a project ongoing here at the Lilypad, but for now it is under wraps!
I'll show it to you soon, I promise, and we'll have a giveaway then, too!

Jacquelynne Steves is one of the Henry Glass designers, and I just love her fabrics. We've shown you projects with her "O Holy Night" line, and also her "Fruitful Hands" fabrics . . . now here comes the adorable "Happy Town" line that is in the stores now!!

Look at this cute panel --- and there's a story behind it!

(I snagged this photo from another of our fabulous sponsors' site: the Fat Quarter Shop, where you can find this fabric line!)

Jacquelynne envisioned this panel as a play mat that could easily be finished for floor play --- but here is the genius: it could make a wonderful bed play spot as well! She and Henry Glass have teamed up to help the Quilts for Kids charity effort, and all of her royalties will go to that great cause; the Henry Glass folks will be making a donation as well!

Here are some close ups of the panel . . .

Aren't they adorable?  I can just imagine the smile on a youngster's face, as they spread this out on the bed and play!

The coordinating fabrics are bright, cute and fun:

And check out the contest that is ongoing --- you will love this! Grab some of these uber-cute fabrics and design a quilt --- you might just be the $500 winner, and have the honor of your quilt being displayed at Market, too! 
At the linkie up there, you'll find the entry form and the rules, so what are you waiting for? (Grin)

All of the quilts that are entered into the contest will go to the hospitalized children who are served by the Quilts for Kids cause, so it's a win-win situation for all of us!

Now, let's get going to Happy Town!



Friday, February 15, 2013

Green Fairy Quilts charm pack sale!

One of our fabulous sponsors is having a sale on charm packs!

It's Green Fairy Quilts!  Just look at a small sampling of what you'll find there:

Apple Jack by Tim and Beck for Moda

Warmth by Howard Marcus for Moda
 Gorgeous Bella Solids...this one is leaf green

Fairy Tale Friends by American Jane

 You'll want to go and check it out -- they have some of the hottest, most popular lines available, so hurry on over!

Use the code charm and you'll get a sweet discount!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hoppy Valentine's Day!

These little guys (and I) are wishing all of you a "hoppy" Valentine's Day --- full of warmth and love and maybe some chocolate! (Grin)


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Toadally in love . . .

This adorable graphic suits me today --- just popping in to tell you that I love all of you Lilypadquilters! One of my fav people in the world gifted me with this; isn't he cute? Padsworth thinks it's cool!

I figured I would join the avalanche . . . so many blogs and sites are gearing up for Valentine's Day, and I'm in the midst of completely different projects!

But I can show you some Valentine goodies from past posts, and offer them as quick projects for your sewing enjoyment!

Put together some scraps and "make" fabric for a mugrug or small project for someone you love . . .

Or, go all out and put a table runner together with hearts and embroidered reminders to kiss and hug the cook!!

And you can use reverse applique to make another mugrug from the scraps!

Check out the link up there, for the post that will tell you all about those two projects, and enjoy getting ready for a fabulous Valentine's Day!