Sunday, December 13, 2020

Santa is sewing!



Don't tell anybody else!

Santa is in my sewing room! At least I think so!

Look at all these cute things!

First, since I know the momma won't be looking at this blog, check out these cute bibs for our two month old granddaughter!

Easy, peasy, just two pieces of flannel right sides together, and sew on some velcro! I, er, Santa made seven so there would always be a clean one while the others were washing! (Grin)

Next, look at this embroidery! I can't say who is going to find this under the tree, since sometimes the recipient DOES look at this blog. Heehee!

This is using Jenny Elefantz' Bloom and Weave pattern, and will be turned into a seed organizer. More to come on this one . . . 

And then.

The piece de resistance . . . you have to say that with a French accent, right?

Doll clothes for our other two granddaughters' six inch dollies! (Yes, Mr. Snoodles is sadly outnumbered. But he loves it!) Oh, the fingers ache making these tiny things, but don't they turn out cute?

I'm so glad Santa is in my sewing room!

What's under your needle as Christmas approaches?


Tuesday, December 1, 2020


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I enjoy hand quilting.

I REALLY enjoy hand quilting.

It's relaxing.

I like the feeling of accomplishment when I finish.

I like seeing the parts of the block that I want to emphasize, "pop" and grab my attention when I pull my stitches through.

I like to see the stitches (as uneven as they may be) on the back of my piece.

And I REALLY, REALLY like it when I have good thread to do it with!

Enter Sulky's 100% Long Staple Cotton in 12 weight!

I like Sulky's 12 weight because it is strong and there's virtually no lint. Also, I can cut a pretty long piece of thread and not worry about it breaking as it's pulled through the fabric many, many times! 

It's great for embroidery, too, because one strand of Sulky is the equivalent of two strands of floss . . . and it's a lot easier than trying to separate those six wiggly strands of floss in order to get two to stitch with! (Grin) Most of our patterns tell us to use two strands, right? Well, using the 12 weight from Sulky just made that a whole bunch easier! Unwind some 12 weight and you are ready to rock and roll!

I love the snap spool end, too. All of the Sulky spools have at least one. All you do is gently lift up the end with your thumb and release the thread. Bam! You're on your way!

Done with stitching for the day? Just lift that end again, wind the thread into the gap, and snap it shut! No more tangled up threads in your basket or bag!

Don't ya love those variegated threads? Gorgeous!

You don't have to take my word for it, though. Check out this awesome video tutorial for tips and inspiration:

Want to try some great Sulky threads for yourself? Click on these links and look at all the yummy colors over at Sulky!  

Want to do some machine quilting with Sulky's Blendables? No worries! Grab some of these delicious 30 weight spools!

But back to my handwork . . . 

This sample block that I'm quilting was an attempt to try out the pattern for a Summer Moon sampler block.

I am pretty pleased with how the Sulky 12 weight worked for the handquilting there. 

Have you tried Sulky thread? Let me know in the comments, and if you would like to try it, click on the links and check out their colors and their assorted color packs!