Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sometimes There is More Than Bills in the Mail!

Please note: If you are looking for our giveaway winners, click here. Denise from Florida, you have one more day to contact me - hurry so you can have your trial membership on OleFrogEyes! I need a way to get in touch with you!

Sometimes we quilters get lucky and something FUN comes in the mail....not bills. I thought I would tell you my story and show you what I received......

When we had our giveaway that was part of the SewMamaSew event, we gave away some fat quarters of thirties fabrics (a special love of mine). One of our commenters was Miki, from Miki's Fabric Creations. Ya'll should definitely go check out her blog; her "made" fabric rocks! She mentioned a friend of hers that liked thirties prints, and I love to swap and get new ones that I have not seen, so I bundled up some charm squares and strips and sent them on their way.

Well, when I opened my package from Karin, I was speechless. Blown away. Grateful.
Just feast your eyes on these:

Lots and lots of squares, and wonderful width of fabric strips! Even little "stepping stone" size scraps! Karin was so generous!

Just gaze at those gorgeous colors! And the amazing thing was, I don't have any of these already in my stash! They are all new to me......I just love the really small prints. There are bunnies and kids and florals and...and...oh my! When I looked through the charm squares, there were so many great prints here, too. Look at these in the green palette:

There are huge varieties of red, yellow, lavender! I'm really getting inspired here!

Now, here is where I need some help from my friends and followers: help me out with choosing just the right project or pattern for these luscious fabrics! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

And thank you again, Karin! I am so pleased, and so very grateful!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We have Winners! (Five of 'em, no, Six!)

A huge thank you to Madame Samm for letting us post on Stash Manicure! We made lots of new friends, and had a blast!

We collected our comments from Stash and from this blog. Then we tossed out the ones that said they were headed off to Kenya, and couldn't give the ten day trial a fair shot. Then we asked Mr. Random to help us out.


Our first winner was the very first quilter to comment: 
  It was Mary on Lake Pulaski, who said.....
Thanks, Mary! We hope you enjoy it! Then Mr. Random picked the second winner.....
Irene, you are our second winner! She said....

Congrats, Irene in Amsterdam! We can see that this cool tool will be perfect for you!  Mr. Random tried again....

Robin, of RsIslandCrafts, you are our third winner! You said....
OleFrogEyes makes a great template for when you are sewing your blocks into rows! Enjoy!

Mr. Random took a deep breath (are we abusing him, making him work too hard? Nah!) and picked ...

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said:
Wow! New Zealand! Padsworth is awestruck to have you in the OleFrogEyes community! Here's our next winner.....
That's you, Helen! You told us:
Whoo hoo! Another happy Farmer's Wife quilter! Check out two ladies on the gallery, Joy and Yvette, who have FW quilts in progress on the site! Happy to have you with us!

Now, that is all five winners.....ah, you say. Not so fast - you said there were six!! And indeed there are. One of our commenters was extremely creative - Padsworth and I were impressed. She actually wrote us a poem! We just had to offer one more trial membership to....
Applause! Applause! Denise, we loved your poem, and have awarded you a ten day trial just like our other winners!  Please note, Denise, that we need your email, in order to get you started. Go to my profile here on Lilypadquilting, and email me the info.

We are looking forward to seeing all six of you get started, and see some quilts in progress! We will be emailing you to get things started, later today!

Jump right in, and personalize your avatar, create your "About" text, and learn how to create your quilt by viewing the tutorial. Congratulations all!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Happy Dancing! We're on Stash Manicure!

Padsworth and I are so excited to be guest posting on Stash Manicure today! Please be sure to hop over there and see our article, and leave us a comment!

Thanks, Madame Samm, for the opportunity to tell all of our quilting friends about OleFrogEyes!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's elementary, my dear Watson - we are searching for sponsors!

Members of the OleFrogEyes quilting community and followers of Lilypadquilting may have noticed some new graphics popping up here and there . . . we are actively seeking sponsors for our quilting site and our blog.

We are encouraging online stores of fabrics, notions, patterns, and more to contact us with inquiries, and we will provide pricing and availability answers. We'd love to review products, feature stores and designers, and host giveaways, too! We're happy to schedule online events to bring more visitors and customers.

Looking forward to making some new partnerships!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Spotlight on one of our Quilters!

Today Padsworth and I would like to shine the OleFrogEyes quilting community spotlight on one of our happy quilters: Joy Denise!

Click here to go directly to her gallery - she has SIX different projects going on right now! She is really using the OleFrogEyes site as it was intended! When you land on that page, you can hover over the "Select a Quilt" button, and the drop down menu will show all the names of the quilts she is working on. Check out the wide variety of piecing projects that she has started, and leave her some comment love here, to encourage her on her way.

Better yet, click here to check out her blog - you can say howdy while you are there! You'll see on the right-hand side, the badge for OleFrogEyes. That enables all of Joy Denise's friends to click through and hop over to OleFrogEyes, and see her quilt projects.

We're looking forward to having more of you join us, so that we can see what is on YOUR design wall, these days!