About Lilypadquilting

Padsworth is the mascot at the Ole Frog Eyes web site: a virtual design wall for quilters. We're excited about how the quilting community is responding to our site, and invite you to check it out for yourself. Here is a picture of Padsworth, so that you'll recognize him the next time that you see him.

Handsome fellow, don't you think?

Ole Frog Eyes is the creation of theFreeLancer, LLC, a web hosting and development company in the southeastern United States.You can read more about the site and the benefits of using it, by clicking here. You can see our feature on Stash Manicure, and get an overview of the software, by clicking here or here.

Lilypad Quilting is the companion blog for Ole Frog Eyes, and we will try to let you know about the blocks being uploaded on the site, and the progress made there. We also hope to bring you news of fabulous sponsors, where you can find the fabrics and supplies that you need to complete the project on your virtual design wall. In addition, we'll let you know about giveaways that Padsworth finds, so that you can participate!

I'm Snoodles, well, you know that is just my nickname. Out of respect for a hubby that is wary of the internet, I use my nickname for posting.  I assist Padsworth in his internet endeavors - after all, check out those feet! He can't use a keyboard all that well! Together, we will be here for you, our blogging friends!



  1. Love the blog and I have been following for awhile, I have been asked to make 35 lap quilts for our local veterans in a nursing home in Traverse City Michigan and I am wondering if you would like to make one for us? Nothing really fancy just something to let them know we appreciate what they did. We are planning to deliver to them in December for Christmas. Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much Tammara tjchez@charter.net


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