Sunday, January 29, 2017

Flip it over!

I've been enjoying my "slow stitching" each evening . . .

(I neglected to tell you that I'm using Number 8 Presencia threads.) 

What's going in those blocks with the white space in the center?


Hearts of all kinds, and maybe sizes, too. I'm going to freehand them, and here is the first one:

Sort of makes me think of an ivy vine -- they will all be different. I have five squares to play with, so one heart might have some flowers, this one has leaves, and one block might get a whole slew of hearts!

But here is the fun part . . . remember I told you that I liked how the back was looking?

Take a peek!

Isn't this fun? I need to do a better job of bumping up the contrast, I think. My next post will have better photos!

Stay tuned!


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Big stitching progress

Remember this quilt? 

It's the latest one from Jacquelynne Steves, and the Quilt Along just seems like yesterday!

I sandwiched it (turned some backing fabric over to the other side, to have it be a little more muted, the color seems to work better) and got out some of my beloved Presencia threads.

I'm using fairly large stitches as quilting goes -- some call it big stitching, and some have called it sashiko -- I call it relaxing!

I just love the fabric colors, and the colors of the Presencia . . . yummy!

I use a large hoop. I know some folks don't, but that's how I roll!

I will have to post again on this project soon, and show you the back -- it looks so cool!


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Forever, Moses

The studio seems empty now, even with me, Padsworth, and DragonDrop in it. 

There's a certain warmth missing that only cat fur and purrs can give it. Our Official Studio Cat, Moses, gave up his brave fight with cancer during the night. 

Just that day, he'd enjoyed his usual porch time, lying on a blanket in a puddle of sunshine, alert and listening and watching as the birds and squirrels did their best to entertain.

He didn't purr last night when we tucked him in, and we suspected the end was near. His eyes were dilated, and we said soft goodbyes and stroked his fragile head. 

He crossed the Rainbow Bridge during the night hours, and we mourn the loss of a good friend of sixteen years. It helps the hurt we feel, if we remember the good times, instead of the cancer, the medicine, and the wobbly legs.

Moses was indeed rescued, just like the baby he was named for. Our dog Pepper brought him home from a feral cat's litter. We could tell by the remainder of the coating on his fur that he was only hours old when she carefully placed him in her house, nestled in the cedar shavings.

Several weeks of determined care began and continued, as we syringe and dropper-fed him, kept him warm under a light, and carried him in our shirt pockets to keep him from being too alone.

He grew into an impressive man-cat (fixed) and enjoyed rock-star status at mousing.

 He had a tendency to let his guard down when Padsworth and DragonDrop were in the studio, and their high-jinx entertained everyone here at the Lilypad.

Sometimes he had to spend some time in time-out, but not very often.

Like any cat, he loved an occasional excursion into the catnip . . .

And he had one of the best "disapproval" stares around here.

Somehow, he always kept his "kitten" face, and didn't mind a bit acting younger than his age.

He took his role as Official Studio Cat very seriously. He was one of the best at rearranging quilt blocks.

I know that many of you feel certain that you have the Best Cat Ever. But I have to tell you, Moses took that title years ago.

It hurts my heart to know I won't hear your throaty, purred greeting in the morning anymore. And we will miss your climbing up into our laps to investigate what we are eating, as we sit in the recliners. But we know Pepper was glad to see you. And we know that now you're across the Bridge, you don't hurt anymore -- and you don't need that Terrible Tasting Medicine.

Until I get to heaven, Moses, you make sure that you do a good job mousing. And rearranging the angels' quilt blocks.

You're our Moses, forever.


PS Many thanks to those of you who sent purrs and prayers when Moses was first diagnosed. Your warmth and friendship brightened our days.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Templates and patterns winners!!

Once again, I would like to give a great, big Lilypadquilting "THANK YOU!!" to our sponsor, the Fat Quarter Shop. They made it possible to have this giveaway!

And I'd like to say another big "THANK YOU!!!" to all of you wonderful peeps who gave me advice on how to get better! I am indeed better now, and appreciate all of the great tips and remedies! I believe it was the honey and lemon that helped the most, and I also scrounged around in my medicine cabinet and came up with a jar of Vicks! Huzzah!

Seriously, I thank all of you for your good wishes. Things are rocking again here at the Lilypad!

I know that y'all are anxious to hear who our two winners may be! Let's let Mr. Random Number Generator work his magic . . .


Gene Black and Anita at Domestic Felicity are our winners! I hope that they will show us what they make with their prize packages!

And if you would like a set of templates for your very own, be sure to visit the Fat Quarter Shop at this link that will take you right to them!

More fun coming soon!


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I'm "under the weather," but YOU can enter the giveaway!

Sorry it's been quiet around here.

Have you heard those crickets?

Hasn't been much sewing going on, either. (Snap.)

Here's why:

I (almost) smiled when I found that image, since that is exactly what my handy dandy thermometer said.
Almost smiled.
Too tired to actually do that. (I know, right? Can I have some cheese with my whine?)

Our fab sponsor has come to the rescue . . . . while I take some time off to get better, you peeps can enter this giveaway!!

Fat Quarter Shop is just about the most fun place ever to shop, don't you think?

They have all the newest stuff for us to drool over, flash sales that are spectacular bargains, and they come up with neat mysteries and kits, too. And when I see something on their site that I want to make, I usually see a pattern or some templates!

Introducing the Orange Peel Set, from the It's so Emma division of the Fat Quarter Shop!

Orange these the cutest things? Aw, come on, humor me, I'm ill. (Grin) No more puns, I promise!

The awesome part of this is that in the set of templates, there are four sizes -- you can use these with any of these size squares of fabric: 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, or 6 inch, for a monster huge quilt. The kind that would be lovely and warm and I could nap in it . . . .

Oh, pardon me. I'll tell you about the giveaway before I drowse off.

Two of you will win a prize package of these templates, plus these four patterns to make these quilts:

Jewel -- this one starts as a lap quilt, but you could make it larger . . .

Grapevine -- this one starts out as a crib or a lap size, but these are so easy! You could make a bed quilt in no time!

Round Robin -- they've included options for crib, lap, twin, and queen on this one. Just picture this from your scraps and your stash!

And this one is Goldie -- so cute, the little fishies! This one starts as a crib or lap size.

And who says you must make quilts? I LOVE this creative idea:

Here's how you can win . . . . leave a comment here with your best cough remedy. Seriously. My head hurts, and my chest does, too. The over the counter stuff isn't working!

So tell me if you have an old family recipe that will help me out, OK? And it's not required, but if you would like to follow here at the Lilypad, you can leave a second entry: tell me how you follow.

We'll leave this giveaway open for a week, and then choose our two winners!!
(PLEASE leave your email as part of your this: name(at)gmail(dot)com. I had SO MANY no-reply comments last time! I want to choose your comment for a prize winner!!)

Good luck!!


PS If you can't stand it, the templates and the patterns are available now at the Fat Quarter Shop! You can get the patterns as printed or as pdfs!
And please understand if I don't answer all the comments this time....I will probably be sleeping. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Got projects?

We're starting a brand new year . . . that's the time to start a new project, right? (Grin)

I wanted to let you know about a fun mystery project from our sponsor, the Fat Quarter Shop!

The 2017 Designer Mystery Block of the Month!

It's the 10 year anniversary of the series, and it promises to be a fabulous one!

Check out the fun at this link: click here.

They have a block-buster line-up of designers, so join in the fun!


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcoming 2017 -- Happy New Year!

I'm wishing for each of you a wonderful new year . . . whether you keep your resolutions or not, I hope that your UFOs become treasured gifts or admired displays. 

I hope that your new projects bring you creative joy.

And I hope that your bobbins never, ever run out in the middle of your free motion quilting!


Seriously, I wish all of those things for you, plus God's best blessings of love of family and friends, health and contentment, too. Love to all!