Saturday, April 21, 2012

Let's all hop over to Sunni's place!

Sunni at Love Affair with my Brother is our host today for the Colonial Needle bloghop! In addition to having the blog with the most intriguing title I think I've ever seen, Sunni has a lot of inspiring projects and tutorials to offer! (For anyone who doesn't yet know, her title is referring to her fav sewing machine! Giggle!)

Sunni has exciting projects like these on her blog, and she is also hosting a Mystery Charm Swap! 

She combines traditional piecing with a modern palette, and does it with flair. Hop on over to see her post today, on the second-to-last day of the Colonial Needle hop! I'm amazed that she was even able to participate, since the love of her life will be deployed very, very soon. (Waves) God bless you, Mr. Sunni! Thank you for your service!


PS I hope you are still reading, cos one of our awesome sponsors is having a HUGE sale!! Click on the logo on the left-hand sidebar, to hop over to Quilt Kit Market, and then select "Clearance" for some jaw-dropping specials! Hurry and check it out!!


  1. hehehe I love Sunni's blog name! I makes me giggle every time I read it! I'm off to poke around some more on her blog!!

  2. I have to admit that blog name took me aback just a bit until I realized it probably was referring to a sewing machine.

  3. I tried to access Sunni's blog. Permission denied. An invitation is required. Have any idea how I can be invited?

    1. Kygran, you are a "no-reply" blogger, so I couldn't reply via email....I tried to contact Sunni, and did not receive an answer, so I can't give you guidance on how to reach her. I don't know if there is something wrong, or she just stopped blogging. I hope all is well with her. Sorry I can't be more help.....


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