Sunday, July 30, 2017

We interrupt our usual programming.....

..........for this announcement!

You simply must go and check out Lori Holt's new book over at the Fat Quarter Shop!

I was sent a copy for review, and I must say, there's a lot packed into it! 

If you have enjoyed Lori's first three books, then you will love this one -- and if you've not looked at her books before, get this one and start some projects!

 Look at all the inspiring projects that you will see -- mug rugs, banners, wall-hangings, and more!

You'll see great examples of how to incorporate letters and words (and numbers, too!) into your quilted projects.

With over 190 pages of complete instructions, color photos, and great tips, this is a book that you will truly enjoy.

All of Lori's blocks have instructions so that you can create them in two sizes, for a wealth of options in your quilting. Eighteen different projects are pictured.

Here is a link to check it out!

I'll just bet there's a bee in your bonnet to hop over there and see Lori Holt's newest Bee in My Bonnet book!

See you again soon!

Friday, July 28, 2017

A first-time sponsor: Aiming for Accuracy!

I bet that many of you already know our special sponsor today! Michele Foster (aka Mishka) is a long time supporter of the quilting community, with her Quilting Gallery.

She specializes in designing quilting pattern and skill building booklets that are easy to understand and follow. Michele has something for everyone: pieced patterns, applique, and paper pieced, too! Aiming for Accuracy is the name of her company, and I hope you will click on the link to see all the inspiring designs!

Aiming For Accuracy is offering a wonderful Quilt Along opportunity that you will want to click through and may be that you'd like to join in! Here is what Michele says about the quilt:
Each block in the quilt has been chosen for it’s learning potential. Blocks range both in size and complexity. At the end of the quilt-along, you’ll be confident in your ability to make half-square, quarter-square and split-quarter-square triangles, as well as, square-in-a-square, flying geese, fusible appliqué and English paper pieced units.
What else will you learn as you quilt along?  How to quilt in stages, so that you can easily complete the quilting on your domestic machine, how to avoid chopping off your triangle points when applying sashings or joining blocks. Been there, done that, need this instruction! (Grin)

Loads of free quilt block tutorials can be found on her site, like this lovely one that she just released:

Another free tutorial is called "Milo's Star."

And here is Milo! (In his before and after photos!) Isn't he adorable? Looks like he is all dolled up and ready for our Pets Show!

Something that I really appreciate on her site is that all of her patterns are labeled as to their other words, how "veteran" a quilter you should be for each one! Patterns carry suggestions such as "Beginner," "Confident Beginner," "Intermediate," and more.

I'm excited about her newest online venture: I Love Buttons, Etc! And I mean fun and unusual buttons! And thread clips, and scissors, and quilting-themed charms, and more cool buttons!

Check these out!

I really like these cute owl cases....I think they would make great business card holders for those of us who still need to have "that other life" that makes money for our quilting addiction, er, hobby!

Michele would love for you to stop by at all of her interwebs homes: just click on these links to be whisked away through cyberspace to say "hello!"
Aiming for Accuracy Pattern Co. - quilting designs
I Love Buttons, Etc. - buttons, charms, ribbons and more
Quilting Gallery - a community for quilters
Facebook Community - chat and friendship

Michele is sponsoring a wonderful prize for one of our lucky winners in August! (Ya know, that Pets on Quilts show is coming up fast! Hope you are getting ready!)

One lucky winner in our drawings will be able to choose FIVE button packs to receive from Michele's online store! So much fun!! This winner will need to reside in the US or Canada.

Thanks, Michele, for sponsoring a prize!


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Stella Lighting

What do you think of, when you hear the word "stella"?

Does your mind conjure up stars?

Do you think of a raw, emotional Brando in the iconic "Streetcar Named Desire" movie scene?

Uh oh, I'm showing my age here, I guess . . . many of you aren't old enough to remember that film. You may recall Brando (in a more recent movie) portraying a guy in a tight suit, talking like he just stuffed his mouth full of dry saltine crackers....and he's planning to make a guy an offer he can't refuse. (Grin)

Oy vey. You youngsters....

I have digressed......THIS is Stella!

(Photo courtesy of Stella Lighting)

Actually, this is Stella Two! Brand new, and awesome!

When I finish telling you about her, you will be wiping the drool off your keyboard for sure!

The folks at Stella Lighting are sponsoring a Stella Two light as a prize for our upcoming (August) Pets on Quilts Show!

As their site says, "we all need to see better." The Stella Lighting company story is one that resonates with me. In my other life (the one that keeps me busy and pays the bills) my hubby and I work with entrepreneurs and designers and the like -- and as they note on the "About" page, it can be a frustrating but rewarding process to bring a concept or an idea to life!
(I learned a lot by reading their pages....didn't know that they began as a task light for kiddos, nor did I realize that the colors of light could influence how they work and learn!)

Here are some reasons why I'm crazy about this new light:

     1.  The Stella Two is 25% brighter than the original Stella light.
     2.  You never have to change a bulb again -- these LEDs are rated for 10,000 hours!
     3.  LEDs don't produce heat while illuminated.
     4. The Stella Two has TriSpectrumTech -- three light color options!
     5. You can compare fabric and thread with warm light, cool, or even daylight!
     6.  The light can be changed ten steps from brighter to dimmer, in those three options!
     7. The Stella Two has raised buttons for nearsighted folks like me!
     8.  Stella offers superb customer service - no questions asked repairs and returns!
     9. You can get a task light, a clamp light, or even a floor lamp!

Y'all really have to watch this video from Pat Sloan -- check it out! She shows all the features that I just told you about! And she makes it more interesting! (Grin)

Pat Sloan talks about Stella Lighting from Stella Lighting on Vimeo.
And you will never guess what else I love . . .

You recall my fascination, er, obsession, er, addiction to Mary Engelbreit fabrics, right? I have shared a few projects that I have made from my hoarded, er, cherished ME stash, right?

Oh. Be. Still. My. Heart.

There are Mary Engelbreit Stellas......

Just look!
If you would like to have a Stella of your own, you can do it at a discount! The lovely folks at Stella have offered a discount to all you Lilypad followers -- just use the promotional code "petsonquilts" and you will receive a 15% discount AND free shipping!

What a wonderful offer! I hope that some of you will take advantage of that!

While you are at the Stella Lighting site, check out the Stella Studio blog:

You'll find lots of fun things like tutorials, tips, giveaways, and more!

I'm really excited to welcome Stella Lighting as a sponsor to our show in August! Just think, you could be our lucky winner of the Stella Two!!

(Waving) Thanks, Stella Lighting!

See you at the Pet Show!


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Intrepid thread sponsors in August!

The Intrepid Thread online store is a long time sponsor of this blog -- we love Julie and the crew, and we are proud that she is sponsoring a prize for the August Pets Show again!

I've always loved Julie's fabrics; she has wonderful taste and really knows what is lighting a fire under quilters as new fabrics come out!

I was thrilled to read her about a history buff and the daughter-in-law of a proud WWII vet, I was stoked to see where the name of her shop came from!

The Intrepid is one of the aircraft carriers built in the huge mobilization of manufacturing resources at the beginning of WWII. She was known as the Fighting I, and had an illustrious career spanning many years. Julie's dad served onboard, hence the name of her shop!

Julie has an extensive store, with fabrics, thread, custom bundles, and patterns. You will be drooling at your keyboard (fair warning!) when you browse the store!

Gorgeous Tilda bundles!

Lovely collections by Pat Bravo, Cotton and Steel, Anna Maria Horner, and many more!

The Intrepid Thread is an awesome resource for quilting fabrics, but also has apparel fabrics, voile, and gauze to offer, as well!

The Intrepid Thread crew is sponsoring a prize for this August's Pets Show! A lovely Aurifil thread pack for one lucky winner in our drawings!

Our winner will receive a five pack of full size spools!! And with all of the beautiful colors in the Aurifil line, that will be awesome!

Thanks, Julie! We're proud to have you as a sponsor!

Hope all of you are getting ready for our show!


Monday, July 17, 2017

Barb at Bejeweled sponsors again!

Please note, this post is about a sponsor for our Pet Show in August....this is not a giveaway!

Barb at Bejeweled Quilts is a talented designer that has sponsored prizes for our Pet Show before....and she is sponsoring again in August! 

Barb combines fun applique and piecing, and sometimes uses her Accuquilt as a starting point. 

This year, she will provide two patterns from her shop, and a lovely charm pack of batiks! This is from the Wind and Sea collection, from Island Batiks! Beautiful!

I hope you will check out her store at this link: click here.

And go by her blog and see what she is up to! Click here.

Tell her that Snoodles sent you! I know you will have fun and be inspired with what you see!


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Update on Heat Press Batting Together - more prizes!

(PLEASE NOTE: These prizes will be drawn in our August Pets on Quilts show! If you would like to purchase before that, just go to this site and place your order!)

I heard from Jeanne at Heat Press Batting Together, and I just had to share the good news!

The awesome product that she invented and is sponsoring as prizes (in August) is such a time and money saver!

She's still going to provide those two assortment packages that we mentioned, but hold the phone!!

(Yes, Virginia, that is what phones used to look like, back when Snoodles was young and she had to dodge those dinosaurs!)

She's also going to give twelve more winners a roll of product!!  Wowza!

Yep, those twelve lucky winners will receive a roll of 15 yards by 1.5 inch Heat Press Batting Together!!

Want to see some more ideas for the Heat Press products? Check this out:

Thank you for sponsoring our Pet Show, Heat Press team!!


Saturday, July 8, 2017

Amanda Murphy pattern bundle! In August!

We have a brand new Pet Show sponsor to tell you about!

You are going to love inspiring!

Amanda Murphy is joining our Pets on Quilts Show sponsor Hall of Fame!

This is one talented lady! She designs lovely fabrics and also the patterns to turn those fabrics into masterpieces!
Check these out!

Beautiful! Here is one of the patterns using her lovely fabrics:

There are patterns that are focused on particular groups of fabrics:

Her fabrics, patterns, and books are available at quilt shops or at her site: here is a link to shop there!

One of our lucky August prize drawing winners will receive a bundle of Amanda's beautiful patterns! Woot!

I hope that you will check out her blog, and maybe sign up to receive her blog posts, too! 

And drop by her Facebook page at this link -- tell her we appreciate her sponsoring our Pets on Quilts Show this August!

Thanks, Amanda Murphy!