Sponsor Hall of Fame!

We heart sponsors!
We are always searching for new sponsors to inspire our readers and our quilters at Ole Frog Eyes. Sponsors can link to their site in TWO places: here on the Lilypad Quilting blog, and also at the Ole Frog Eyes site!

In addition to placing your ads on our sidebar and design site, we blog about our sponsors a minimum of once a month, and we also encourage guest posting and quarterly giveaways!  We also place your badge on this page, as well, as a sponsor spotlight.
We also are happy to review new products and new "cool tools." I would be thrilled to work on projects that feature your products, or utilize your products in the "construction" process.

We launched Lilypad Quilting in April of 2011, and just three months later we were nudging the 300 mark on followers, with visitors from thirty-two different countries who spent an average of four minutes on the site. The bounce rate from Lilypad Quilting to linked sites mentioned in our posts is now above sixty percent. (Note: As of 12/15/2011, in the last thirty days we had scored over 11,475 pageviews.)

We're thrilled that our sponsors help us to provide tutorials, reviews, and giveaways, and we'd love to include you here at the Lilypad!

Here are our sponsors as of January, 2012:

Be sure to contact me for more information and our rates, and together we'll spread the word about your site or online store!