Monday, April 23, 2012

Civil War Legacies - new from Martingale!

 I received a copy of one of Martingale's new titles, Civil War Legacies, by Carol Hopkins --- what a sumptuous book!

It's a collection of fifteen quilts in small sizes - perfect for wall hangings or doll quilts, or even for a table centerpiece. These are scrappy jewels utilizing reproduction fabrics; if you fall in love with one you could expand it and make a large quilt!

Smaller quilts are perfect for experimenting with combinations of prints and colors, without making the large investment of time that's required for a full size quilt. 

Civil War Legacies has quilts titled Lincoln's Logs, and Hooker's Hat Patch, along with Stars to Freedom, Brass Buttons, and even Tomorrow, Scarlett. You can see that the author used famous figures (a president and a general) for some, and for others she pulled from events of the era, or members of her own family.

I found the patterns and instructions in the book very clear, and extremely well explained. As a visual learner, I appreciated the many diagrams and layout helps that she included. I especially liked the tips found with each quilt, called "To Add Interest."  These tips were great ways to change up a block, or to make colors "pop" and add more interest to the wall hanging or doll quilt. 

Civil War Legacies is a beautiful book, and you're sure to be inspired by it!



  1. I have been eye-balling this book, so need to treat myself. Just love period quilts and fabrics.

  2. Oh I've been itching to make some mini quilts!!! I might have to get this book. I'm adding it to my ever growing Amazon wishlist =D

  3. Oh that book looks PERFECT for my stash of leftover Civil War fabrics when I finish my Saturday Sampler. Ok, going to add this one to my Wish List! Mother's day is coming!! Whoo hooo! (is it too blatent if I stick a picture of the book on the calendar in the kitchen for all to see?!?) :)

  4. Such beautiful little quilts! My little mind can't even begin to imagine how you would work with all those little pieces! I guess as I get more experience it would be fun! Thanks for showing us such a great book! :)


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