Tuesday, August 17, 2021

It's show time!

Time for another cool Accuquilt show!

Click on this linkie and have some fun! There's a live show today (Tuesday) and there will be drawings and prizes, as well as discounted prices! Just enter the code SHOW 3 for specials.

Come and join the fun! 

Check out this great video to show you the die and wallhanging!

And I just GOTTA show you this:

You can't beat Accuquilt for cuteness and fun! 

C'mon to the party! At noon, Central time!


Saturday, July 24, 2021

12 Days of Christmas in July

      There's two days left on the Christmas in July event at Accuquilt!

           Head on over to the site and check it out before it's gone!!! 

              Thirty percent off of cutters, dies, and more!

               Just think of all the Christmas gifts you can make!



Tuesday, June 15, 2021

It's a pickle dish!

If you're like me, your head starts to hurt when you start thinking about all the names for quilt blocks. Am I right? One block can be known by three or four names, and then some seem to be cousins and look very similar to each other . . . 

One such pair is here: pickle dish and wedding ring. Check these out!

In the traditional pickle dish pattern, it appears that there are triangles in each curved unit, where the wedding ring pattern has -- well, they're not exactly squares, but maybe call 'em parallelograms? (Grin)

At any rate, the pickle dish sure looks cute, but it also looks challenging!

Enter the Accuquilt Block on Board!

Over at Creative Latitudes, Darlene's inner squirrel is pestering her to do all kinds of creative projects; well MY inner squirrel is chasing this die! Once she saw how much easier those blocks would be, she put it on our wish list! The Accuquilt Pickle Dish die is specially designed to cut everything you need for one ten inch block in one pass through the cutter; no templates or special rulers are needed. Eleven different pieces will be cut for you in one "fell swoop."

There are specialized dog ears and seam allowances for easy piecing (boy, do I like the sound of that!). And for those visual peeps like me, the die has screen printed letters so we know which shapes are which!

There are free pattern downloads and step-by-step assembly instructions to get us started on some cute projects like these:

(They tell me I need to remind you that links in this post may be affiliate links, which means I might make a small commission if you purchase - but your price doesn't change!)

Hop on over and check out the Pickle Dish Block on Board die . . . and all the other cool products at Accuquilt!

See you soon,

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Stuff and nonsense

I bet you thought I had forgotten all about my Summer Moon sampler!


But life happens and takes us away from our passions, sometimes. . . . actually, quilting is excellent therapy, no? It's good for what ails ya!

I got all three Nonsense blocks done: the 5 inch, the 6.5 inch, and the 8 inch blocks are finished!

Gotta love a block that is totally half-square triangles and hourglass units!

My trusty "Bloc-Loc" ruler made short (and precise) work of these -- just look at those points! (polishing fingernails on front of shirt)

I love using all of these different fabrics in the same family of color . . .aren't these bunnies cute? Not sure how that piece of thread jumped onto the block!

If you are inspired to try the Summer Moon quilt, please use this link and hop over to the FatQuarterShop site to purchase the pattern book . . . yes, it's an affiliate link, and I will earn a teensy commission if you purchase anything on your visit. That's what keeps our merriment and mayhem going on, here at the Lilypad! So, thank you very much!!

And here's a question for you -- what's your favorite way to create a scrappy quilt? A variety of fabrics in one color family? Or all the colors in the rainbow?

Inquiring minds want to know!


Monday, May 3, 2021

Spring has sprung! Let's party!

Everybody ready to party?

What's not to love about a garden party in the spring? Gorgeous flowers, happy colors, a cuppa Earl Grey and a blueberry scone . . . ummmmm.

Now that I have your attention, I'd like for you to know about the Accuquilt party tomorrow!! Right in your own house! 

Accuquilt is bringing the fun (and prizes) right to you! 

If you will click on this link, you will be pre-registered for the event! All you need to do is brew some tea and set out the scones and softened butter -- they will send you a quick reminder when it's time to tune in!

They will be unveiling the newest Accuquilt die -- they've promised this will be a special one. And I be they're right! After all, the adorable flamingo die from last month was hugely popular.....it's completely sold out!

You'll want to be one of the first to see the die for May, so that you will have an opportunity to grab one for your own, before it is sold out, too! (Supplies are limited!)

While you are browsing at the Accuquilt site, be aware that this month we are celebrating May Fabric Cutter Mania! There are special opportunities for savings all month long!

Be sure to check out all of the inspirational (and free) patterns and start planning your next spring project!

Take advantage of the sales and discounts -- for example, click on this link from today until May 10th and receive 15% off on 2 Dies, Qubes, or Accessories!

Accuquilt speeds up the cutting process so that you can enjoy the piecing and the quilting!

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for Mom, or for someone else?

Grab a gift card for a gift they'll appreciate!

Here is the link again to register for the party tomorrow! See you there!