Sunday, January 14, 2018

Don't miss it!

Remember our friends at Stella Lighting?

Remember this lovely, my "Emmy" light? (Mary Engelbreit graphics!)

Would ya like to have one for your very own?

I just got word that they are having a bodacious (yes, that is a word) sale! Their text is right on the money:

              You craft. You quilt. You knit and you stitch.
You invest endless hours in the art you create.
You work hard, and so do your eyes. You take care to perfect the art you create. Now it's time to take care of your eyes, which make it all happen. Invest in a Stella and invest in you.

You can save 25% on any Stella Light!!! Oh my goodness, yes!
Use the promo code at checkout: imetstella

Now, this sale is over after Sunday, January 21, 2018, so hop over and take a peek at the wonderful Stella lights! (They are currently sold out of the Stella SKY TWO floor lamps, but they are expected to ship on February 9th, so if your heart is set on one of those, just chill and it will arrive soon.)

I just wanted y'all to know.....


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Vintage find

I found something the other day that really cranked my much so, that I researched the pattern and started pulling fat quarters from my stash!

Let me show you!

Look at this old beauty....

Here's a peek at the quilting, too (I bumped up the contrast so that you could see this lovely hand quilting):

I found that it is called by many 1928 it was called "Hummingbird," and in 1933 it was named "Kites," and then in 1938 it was christened "Arkansas Snowflake"!  I've even seen it referred to as "Job's Troubles"!

Whatever it's called, I call it pretty!
From the amount of wear that I see, I'm theorizing that someone took a well-loved quilt and gave it new life with that lavender border, but I could be wrong. I'd like to restore it, but I'm scared to death of messing with it. (Grin)

I guess the best thing will be to make a new one in honor of the old!

My stash is calling!


Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas to all!

Here at the Lilypad, we are wishing all of our quilting buddies and the lovely, dear friends that we've made over the years here, a very wonderful Christmas.

We're praying for peace in our world, food in our tummies, songs in our hearts, and fabrics in our stashes.....

Seriously, we love you all, and hope your Christmas is blessed and peaceful.

Love to all,

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Table "topper" (and placemats, too!)

Just as promised, here are some pictures of what I was working on when I had that epiphany about the labels. (Grin)

I've seen this idea before, but have no pattern.....just developed it on the run. Flew by the seat of my pants, you might say.

Padsworth and DragonDrop helped with the clipart we found...

I wanted this to be useful for winter, not just for Christmas, hence the mitten theme!

Found the snowflake clipart free on the interwebs (don'tcha love technology?), fused it, and carefully cut it out with my teeny, pointy, embroidery scissors. Then of course, I wondered why my hands were aching. (Grin)

Here's a photo when I had it sandwiched for quilting:

You can see that on a larger (square) table, there will be the snowflake in the center, and the mittens will be placemats for each person.

Some of you peeps will be smartypants and notice that I used the same fabric for the backgrounds -- on the center you see the right side, and on the mitten blocks you see the reverse!

The mittens all have the same red print for the cuffs, and the calico stars, too.

Simple zigzag this time - I hoped it would make the mittens look "fuzzy" and warm!

LOVE the way the snowflake turned out! Just straight stitch applique....

Used my fav thread from Aurifil:

From this thread collection (by the way, this has been awesome; the colors lend themselves to so many different projects. If you want a "jack of all trades" thread set, this is your set!):

Here's a photo of the finished present! Don't worry, the recipient never looks here at the Lilypad!!

And yes, I labeled it!


Friday, December 22, 2017

Quick! Before you wrap it!

Just a quick note today....

I know everyone is super busy -- some of us are madly scrambling to finish projects for gifts.

A word to all of us before we wrap up those handcrafted gifties.....

Label them!!

No kidding, it is so important to label our work. We are proud of it, right? Many years from now, it will be important to those we love, and to those who perhaps aren't even born yet, to know who made these lovelies, and when!

I just finished some projects (in fact, I hope to post pix tomorrow) and wanted to remind all of us to do this important finishing step!

(I magically erased my name from the image above, but you can see that simple hand stitching is a cute way to do it.)

I used these cute labels from Jacquelynne Steves, but there are many ways to label your work. Just search online and you will find quick tricks to get 'er done!

Then sit back and enjoy as they open the gifts you so lovingly created!!

See y'all tomorrow!!