Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Christmas gifts for our besties

And you know who I mean . . .

Yep, this is an unashamed commercial interlude for KitNipBox! If you click on the links in this post, you will get awesome opportunities for discounts and cool stuff for your kitties!

Come on, you know you put their names on your Christmas list, right? (I hear heads nodding.)

After all, they are awesome furriends.

Official Quilting Buddies.
Quilt Inspectors.
Block Arrangers.

Fabric Box Occupiers.
And more.
They take their duties very seriously.
(And I see on the interwebs that there is a company called BarkBox, too, so all of you pup parents can do a similar gift for your canine companions!)

But having had a studio cat, my heart will always warm to the tummy furs and purrs of a feline friend!

KitNipBox is starting the Black Friday fun early! They emailed me to let me know, and I'm passing the news along to you!

If you enter BLACKFRIDAY25 on the checkout page of the KitNipBox website, you will save 25% on your first box! And you will be starting a subscription that will bring your kitty a lot of joy!

Here is a link to whisk you over to KitNipBox's site. And yes, I'm an affiliate, so I need to let you know that I will earn a small commission if you purchase -- but your price does NOT change!!

So what are you waiting for? Hop over to KitNipBox and part of your Christmas shopping will be done! And you will get a pawsome discount with that coupon!!