Full disclosure

Hi, y'all!

In full disclosure, and in following the Federal Trade Commission rules, I want to let you know that I do have advertising on my blog. There may also be what is called "affiliate links" within my blog posts....

Rest assured that all opinions I express on my blog are MY OWN....I will never knowingly lead you peeps in the wrong direction!  When I promote or support a product, or when I tell you about a resource for quilting supplies, fabrics, and the like, it's because I have dealt with them myself. I will never recommend something or someone that I've not "vetted" myself.

With that said, I surely do appreciate when you use the links within the posts, or when you click on a banner on the side of the blog (either the right or the left!). If you purchase items through my links, I will receive a small commission, but your price doesn't change -- not one penny!

This is how I can continue to work for a living (how many more days till I retire?) and also provide you with merriment and mayhem (and fun projects to try) here at the Lilypad!

I'm an affiliate for several companies, including Accuquilt, the Fat Quarter Shop, Craftsy, and more. All of these folks offer products that I use and enjoy and that I feel will make your quilting and crafting easier and more enjoyable!

It's also how we can spread the word about Padsworth's Project for pups and kitties, and get supplies to make mats and pads for shelter animals!

So now you know!! (Grin) Let's get back to the fun!!


Your pal, Snoodles


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