Monday, April 9, 2012

Right Down to the Wire!

Well, Easter Sunday found me with my roast chicken and sides percolating happily in the oven whilst I stitched down the facing on my table topper! 

I bet y'all have been in that situation before, haven't you? Where you feel like you absolutely must finish it, and then you hop up and down happily when it's done? (Grin)

Well, here it is! 

It would have been pretty on a green tablecloth, but I just rolled with what I had. You can see the quilting pretty well here - nothing fancy like Amanda did, just outline stitching for the most part. If you would like to see some wonderful stitching on one, check out this link and see what she did to quilt hers (it's gorgeous!).

I wanted an outdoor picture, so here is one:

And just to prove that I actually DID finish it (oh, you doubter, you!) here is a picture showing the back with the facing and my label:

I'm linking up today with the party over at Amy's One Thing, One Week Challenge -- what a motivator that has been for me, on several projects! 

I have some more of those lovely pieced charms from the Flora pack, and the gears are turning on another project for them . . . in the meantime, won't you leave me a comment and tell me about a time that one of your projects went "right down to the wire"?