Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Art of Home "E-Magazine"

One of our wonderful sponsors is Jacquelynne Steves, the brains and talent behind the site "The Art of Home" and some gorgeous fabric lines that we've been honored to design projects for.

Great news!

Jacquelynne's spring e-magazine is coming out this week!  If you are not yet signed up for it, please go here and quickly sign up -- you will love the magazine. It is chock-full of wonderful ideas to make your home (and you) cheerful and ready for spring! (And after THIS winter, who isn't ready for some spring time stuff!!!)

This issue contains projects, recipes and patterns, and an interview with an artisan that you will find inspiring. You'll also receive a free gift for signing up -- a copy of Simple Pleasures, another of Jacquelynne's digital magazines. You'll get only a few emails, not a deluge, and these will let you know about coupons and sales, and special happenings in her shop!

Check it out! Hop over to her blog, and you'll be glad you did!

See you again soon . . . I have another project and tutorial on the way!


Friday, March 28, 2014

Rescue Me Giveaway winner!!

First we need to send a great big "THANK YOU!" to our fabulous sponsor, Green Fairy Quilts! Clint and Judi made this fun party possible.

Ready, Padsworth? Ready, Dragondrop? Ready, Lilypadquilters? Hands up, pucker up, and blow a big kiss all the way to the Green Fairy store!!

Seriously, we do appreciate the Green Fairy folks, and we're dying to know who is the winner of the gorgeous jelly roll:

Ducks in a Row is such a cute line! Green Fairy has lots of cute precuts for you to choose from -- I hope that you will shop there, and tell 'em we sent you over!

Let's scoot over and make room for Mr. Random Number Generator, and let him work his magic. 

Abracadabra! Poof!

Our winner is . . . 

Wait for it . . . 

Haha! I'm so mean to keep you in suspense! 
 It's Kerry, over at Pennydog Patchwork! Yay! Congratulations, Kerry!  We'll be sending you an email and linking you up with the wonderful folks at Green Fairy quilts!

Thanks again for partying with us, in this warm -up for the August Pets on Quilts Show. Personally, I can't wait to see all the entries . . .ya know we had over nine thousand page views for our last show? Wow!

I'll be back soon with more merriment and mayhem!


Monday, March 17, 2014

Rescue Me! Sponsored giveaway and linky party-hop!

Please note, this giveaway is now closed.....thank you for your interest!
Anybody want to party?

Yep, I know you are nodding your heads . . .

Haha! Anybody want to win some fabric?

Did you know that when you nod your head vigorously, I can hear it over on this side? (Wink)
Some of you are even crossing your fingers for luck!

I promised a fun party and a giveaway -- and here we go! Our fabulous sponsor is Green Fairy Quilts! Judi and Clint have a wonderful online store that is jam-packed with goodies you'll want to check out. All of the newest collections from your favorite designers are there, and some new ones you might not know about! Beware! Your fabric diet is over! (Grin)

This is our Lilypadquilting klaxon horn . . . ya know what those are? They go "Ooooo-gah!" And Padsworth is in charge of knowing when to sound the alarm for "drool alerts" here, when we are showing fabrics!

OK, Padsworth, you and DragonDrop sound the alarm, cos we are showing off some lovelies found at Green Fairy!

Anybody for some gorgeous Bella solids? Check out this bundle!

Be. Still. My. Heart.
How about some Kate Spain "Sunnyside" Honeycombs?

Feast your eyes on the goodies in the clearance section, too!

Moda Wool bundles!

All sorts of gorgeous precuts!

(I did the right thing, by warning you, didn't I?!)

Judi is a talented quilter and now she's an author! Check it out:

(Let me tell you, what SHE does with wide open spaces is plum-amazin'!)

This is the Rescue Me linky party, and if y'all have fun, we'll do it every year . . . this will be our warm up for the August Pets on Quilts show. You can see our previous shows by clicking on those tabs at the top of this page. Take a moment or two and check out the cute pets and talented quilters, won't you?

The Rescue Me show is for all of you that have pups and kitties (and other pets, too) that you'd like to show off. You don't have to have gone to the shelter to pick out your furbaby, although that is an awesome thing to do!
You can take in someone's pet when they were downsizing or moving or just couldn't care for them anymore. You can take in a stray that chose your house as their forever home!

All of these and more, are ways that we rescue our best buds, and keep furry friends out of the shelters, and you can join in the show!
Aw, shoot, let's just open it up to everyone that wants to blog post about their furbabies, or post a Flickr shot!
Sound good? OK!!

Ahem. Excuse me for a moment. Someone purple is nudging me. Don't worry. This kind of thing happens here at the Lilypad . . . 
 (What is it, cutie-pie?)
Oh, DragonDrop wants me to show you the prize you might win! All righty!

Green Fairy Quilts is going to send one lucky winner a fabulous jelly roll!

No, not like that.

Like this: 

It's the adorable "Ducks in a Row" collection from American Jane for Moda!

Guess I should have sounded the alarm again, huh? Well, wipe up those keyboards and enter to win!
Here is what you need to do:

1.  Post on your blog or your Flickr page about your furbaby, and then link here at the party! You can tell your pet's story, or show what fun they've had lately! Also leave a comment to tell us that you have joined the fun. Please put a link so that folks can come right back here for more fun, OK?
2.  Check out the "Coming in April" area of the Green Fairy store, and tell us what you like best!
3.  Sign up for the GF newsletter, and tell us in a comment.
4.  You don't have to follow here at the Lilypad, but if you do, leave another comment entry.
5.  Lastly, this is a linky party, and it's also a blog hop -- hop around and check out all of the cute entries, and leave a comment to say that you did. That's another chance to win! (And please, leave comment LOVE. No mean comments, like, my-dog-is-cuter-than-yours-nyah-nyah-nyah.) Of course, if you comment on the second day that you've visited everyone, DragonDrop will know that you're foolin' us!

Even if you don't have a pet to show us, go ahead and do entries two through five! You just might win!

Our linky party-hop will be open until the 27th, and we'll ask Mr. Random to choose our lucky winner. We'll announce the winner as soon as we can after that!

Good luck to everyone! Let the partying begin!


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Small projects . . .

Small things are often very cute . . .

Tiny houses . . .

 Padsworth's tiny cousins . . .

And tiny adorable kittens, of course . . .

Small projects are sometimes the most fun, ay? Instant (well, almost instant) gratification! (Grin)

This is the smallest of three projects that I'm working on currently. This one, the mug rug, is completed, as is the table topper that I will post soon.

The wall hanging is still a work in progress, as they say.

This first one that I'm showing you is one of three that I'm going to offer a tutorial for, called "Mug Shots." There will be patterns available for the cups and mugs, and for the letters that are on the wallhanging.

Here are the shapes of the cups and mugs; you can access the pattern at this link.

On this mugrug, I used one of the fabrics that I showed you earlier,

 and for the inside of the cup, I turned the fabric over and used the wrong side.
I cut the piece for the inside of the mug by snipping out the interior, like so:

A simple machine blanket stitch completes the applique.
And a small stippling quilts the background, to let the mug fabric take center stage:

Here is the completed mug rug:

I'll show you the table topper soon, and then I hope to have the tutorial and the wall hanging ready!


Friday, March 14, 2014

Worldwide Quilting Day is today!

Did you know? 

Are you in your happy place, sewing?

Are you patting fabrics and piecing (or appliqueing)?

Ain't it great to have a special day, dedicated to our obsession, er, therapy, er, hobby?

Me? I'm hunkered down in my studio, with Padsworth, DragonDrop, and Moses the Official Studio Cat. It's time to play -- that's how I will celebrate!


Saturday, March 8, 2014

There's a linky party coming . . .

Rescue me!

Anybody remember that song? Really? Ahhh, have a listen!

Now that I have gotten it stuck in your head (grin), I'll explain. You know that here at Lilypadquilting, we are especially interested in helping out rescue pups and kitties, and the shelters that work so hard to find them forever homes.

Recently, some of you participated in SewCalGal's Quilters Bee Giving charity fund raiser, and helped out a shelter that we chose because of their great work in placing rescue animals in good homes.

We appreciate all of you that helped out -- I don't believe that the final figures have been released, but over $1000 was donated to Greenville because of your generosity!

We decided that we should have a warmup and get everyone ready for the annual Pets on Quilts Show that is coming in August.

So, if you have rescued a dog or cat (or more than one!), be thinking about a blog post or Flickr picture that you can post about your furry friend.

And by the way -- "rescue" isn't only when you go to the shelter and choose a pet! Rescue is when a stray comes to your house and you take it in, or when a neighbor/relative/stranger can't keep a pet and you become the pet's new home . . . in those cases you've prevented an animal from going to the shelter, and that's a rescue, too!!

We are rounding up a sponsor, and will let you know when we are ready to start -- we'll have a linky party and let everyone hop around and visit, just like in the Pet Show.

And Snoodles, Padsworth and DragonDrop will be groovin to the tune . . . "come on and rescue me" . . .

Get those photos ready of your rescue furbabies!!

See ya soon,

Monday, March 3, 2014

Cabin fever party winners!

I hope you all had fun at our Cabin fever party! I know that Padsworth, DragonDrop and I did!

It's time to choose some winners!  (Oh, how I wish I had prizes for each and every one . . . you wrote such great posts and posted wonderful photos!)

(Drum roll)

Here are the lucky winners that Mr. Random Number Generator chose:

The winner of the gift certificate from The Art of Home is:

Lynn! She signed in as Lynn-JnL4God, and you can see her post here at her blog.)
We hope you enjoy looking around at the Art of Home and choosing your set of notecards!

The winner of the Aurifil thread sampler is:

Kathi! You hopped over from DesignOriginalsbyKC and we hope you enjoy the thread sampler!

The winner of the HeatPressBattingTogether is: 

Charlotte! Also known as GrammiQ, and you can see her corner of blogland here!

Congratulations!! We will be contacting all of you for your shipping information, and your sponsored prizes will be with you soon!

(Waving) A great, big, Lilypadquilting "THANK YOU!!" to all of our sponsors!

Be sure to check back, as there is always merriment and mayhem here at the Lilypad!