Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eep! Have you ever had this problem?

I was doing some straight line quilting with my walking foot, and realized I was getting some "crud" on my work every so often.

I hope you appreciate my very technical jargon . . . crud is the word I used because I don't know exactly what this is:

Is it metal shavings from inside the walking foot? Is it solidified oil and dust from it? Or has a quilting gremlin left a little of his late night snack in there, and it's plopping out little by little?

Please help me out here -- I can't have these black marks all over my beautiful projects!!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Here's Padsworth . . .

. . .  with your bingo words for Wednesday!

Have a great day, and find some time for you!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday's Words and a Big Sale

I'm sad that one of our sponsors has found it necessary to close up shop, but I would like to help her out by letting you know that she is offering very generous discounts in her last sale --- it's the Quilt Kit Market.

Michelle is marking down everything in the store, and that means huge savings for you --- please click on the logo on the sidebar on the left, and check out the prices and lovely fabrics!

Plus, if you purchase something from now until June 30th, you'll be entered into a giveaway! For every $10 you spend you'll receive one entry in the drawing . . . she'll be filling five (yes, I said FIVE) boxes full of goodies from the site, and you might be the lucky winner of a box! 
In addition to that, you'll receive one additional entry for every yard of fabric that you purchase, so hop on over there and see what she has for you! You might find some yardage that you've been searching for . . . and earn entries in the giveaway, too!

Here are your words for today:
O--iron (not ironing board)

Please be sure to let Tonya know if you score a Bingo! There are a couple of possible wins left, so check your card carefully, OK?


Monday, May 28, 2012

Remembering . . . Memorial Day

I hope that all of our followers in the US have a happy, secure, and gratitude-filled Memorial Day. I hope that it's not just the start of summer, but a day when you reflect for at least a few moments on the freedoms we enjoy, and the sacrifices many have paid to ensure those freedoms.
Hope you will have time to click on this link to go to SewCalGal's blog and read her post on Memorial Day...

I searched and did not find an "official" lyric to the haunting tune we know as "Taps" but I did find this version that I found very touching:

Day is done, gone the sun,
From the hills, from the lake, from the skies.
All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

Go to sleep, peaceful sleep,
May the soldier or sailor, God keep.
On the land or the deep, safe in sleep.

Thanks and praise, for our days,
'Neath the sun, 'neath the stars, 'neath the sky,
As we go this we know, God is nigh.

I'll never forget the day my sweet dad-in-law was laid to rest. As the Air Force team stood at the grave, and the notes of Taps floated over the wind, many of the older men at the funeral stiffened to attention - some with great difficulty as their age and infirmities would not allow as full a salute as they wished. But they gave their best, and more than one gave a slight smile as the trumpet died away, as if to wish Godspeed to their buddy-in-arms on his final journey. 

In his honor and his memory I made some blocks and added them to the tremendous Quilts of Valor effort hosted by Marjorie, at the B-Quilts blog.  If you have time, and you have some red, white, and blue fabrics, won't you consider making some blocks? All of the particulars are there at Marjorie's blog, and your contribution will be so very much appreciated.

Your Bingo words for today are:
N--leaf (leaves)
B--leaf (leaves)
In loving gratitude to all of our servicemen and women, past and present,

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Here's our Winner!

Padsworth was so excited to see that we had 783 comments in our SewMamaSew giveaway!

I'd like to thank all of you who entered our contest, and especially thank all of our followers -- the old and the new!  We love all of you and hope that you will visit often here, and have lots of fun with us!

Many of you left kind comments about the blog, and about Padsworth, and that made for some fun reading!

You'll be seeing more of Padsworth in the future!

In fact, here he is to announce our winner . . . Mr. Random Number Generator picked # 717!

That's Renee, at Southern Gal Thoughts blog!

Congratulations to Renee -- your jelly roll of Ready Set Snow will be winging its way to you very soon!  

We'll see you tomorrow, for a special Memorial Day post.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Giveaway entries close tonight!

Today is the "last call" for the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway! Be sure to enter at our special giveaway post, and we'll close the list of entries tonight at midnight.  Then on Sunday we will announce the happy winner of the Ready, Set, Snow jelly roll!

Hope your Bingo card is getting full of buttons! Only a few more days of words, so check these out:

I--pepper or hot pepper
G--beehive or bee or hive

Find some minutes for sewing or any other fun thing that you like to do! It's "May for Me," remember?  So take good care of YOU today!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm so sad.....

Why? Because I've been unable to respond to so many nice comments on my giveaway post!!

Please, if you have not heard from me, and you entered my jelly roll giveaway for the SewMamaSew event, check your settings --- you may be a "no-reply" commenter!!

I've worked my way backwards on some of you, and found my way to your blog so that I can let you know . . . but some commenters don't have blogs, so I'm stuck! (Not to mention the fact that it's very time-consuming to do that, so I sometimes can't!)
I truly love the comments that I receive -- whether we have a giveaway going, or not! And I try to respond to each and every one, so if you don't hear from me, please try this:
  1. In, click on Dashboard
  2. Select "Edit Profile"
  3. Check Box for "Show My E-mail Address"
  4. Save Changes
  5. Congratulations! You are no longer a No-Reply Blogger!
If you can't get that done, at the very least put your email address into the comment that you leave, OK? And you can adjust it to keep the spammers at bay, like this:

Now you will receive answers to your comments, and if Mr. Random chooses you to win a giveaway, you'll be notified and get your prize!!

Especially when the Pets on Quilts show happens in August - you are going to want to be able to receive emails - there are lots of nice prizes to be won!!
Here are the bingo words for today from the Lilypad! Be sure to check the other blogs for more words! (VroomansQuilts, HillbillyHandiworks, and Marcia'sCraftySewingandQuilting)


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Introducing the Green Streak

Those of you who visit here often may remember the fun we had last week, coming up with names for Padsworth, when he assumes his super-hero role . . . 
Usually he is a mild-mannered frog about the sewing room . . . 

He enjoys mascot status here at the Lilypadquilting blog -- he is the symbol of our virtual design wall web site, Ole Frog Eyes, and he keeps us aware of updates and upgrades at the OFE site.

Remember that he stole my bingo card and made a cape out of it?

Well, Paddy and I both enjoyed all of your great answers, and we thought we would carry this one step further --- so without further ado, let me introduce 

The Green Streak

In true super-hero style, he has his own lead-in, and accessories, too --- imagine all of this said with a drum roll in the background, and one of those rich-voiced announcers saying:

It's a bird -- it's a plane --- no, it's the Green Streak! 

The Protector of Patchwork! 

Armed with his trusty 2.5 inch square and his seam ripper he is on a crusade to remind quilters everywhere to "measure twice, cut once, and always sew with a scant quarter-inch seam!"

Leapin' Lilypads, Padsworth! You've changed so! (Swoon)

(If I remember correctly, it was Sharon (Vrooman'sQuilts) and Melissa (SewBittersweetDesigns) who came up with his name and his mission -- thank you ladies!)

Ahem. Our announcer is not finished yet . . . 

"Able to leap large piles of fat quarters -- able to scale tall machines in a single bound (usually), staunchly defending the right to quilt without fear . . . it's the Green Streak!!"

So, the next time you approach a stack of fabric, or consider a new technique, or pull a project out to inspect your stitches, just remember that the Green Streak is on your side, quilters! 

And yes, his super shirt is made of quilt batting, with the lightning bolt appliqued to the front. Have you ever tried designing a shirt for a frog? Sheesh! 

Well, we thank you for your attention today - and please feel free to holler for Padsworth, er, the Green Streak whenever you're in a tight quilting spot! 

Here are your bingo words for today!
Have a hoppy day of sewing!!

Don't forget our giveaway! Click here to go and enter!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday's Words

Looking for our SewmamaSew Giveaway Day post? Click here to get there fast!!

(Go ahead!! You know you'd love to have this jelly roll for your very own!)
Padsworth and I are preparing a surprise for you for the post tomorrow, so please be sure to come back and see what we have for you!!

Here are your words for today from the Lilypad, for your Bingo enjoyment. Check out the other blogs, too (VroomansQuilts, MarciasCraftySewing, and HillbillyHandiworks), and let Tonya know if you have a winner!!

G--tennis racket or tennis or racket

Monday, May 21, 2012

Giveaway Day, Bingo and more!

(This giveaway is now closed, and the winner will be announced tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who entered!!)

Edit on May 27, 2012 -- The winner is Southern Gal! Comment #717!  Congratulations!

Wowsers! There's a lot going on here at the Lilypad! 

First of all, the fabulous SewMamaSew blog (and store) is organizing Giveaway Day and it starts today! Hoppy Froggies! Padsworth and I are so excited!

Wanna know what we are giving away to one lucky winner? Of course you do!  Well, here it is!

Whoa, mama! Hold me back, Padsworth --- I'm tempted to squirrel it away in my stash again! (Grin)
Who wants to win these gorgeous Christmas-y, winter-timey strips of goodness?

You do?  Well, OK then. We'll be shipping this to the winner (even internationally) that Mr. Random chooses from the comments! 
Here's how you enter:
       1. Leave me a comment telling me your fav quilt block!
       2. We adore our special followers, so if you follow, leave
           one more comment!
Easy peasy, right?  You'll also want to click here and go to visit SewMamaSew, where you will find a list of other bloggers who are participating this week. Hop around, enter the giveaways, and make some new friends! Our giveaway will close on May 25, and we'll announce our winner on the 26th!

Now, while you are here,  we have some more May for Me fun going on . . . All four of us "Bingo Bloggers" are going to answer this question:
"If you could, as a May For Me treat to yourself, have any one designer or teacher come to your home for a personal 'one-on-one' class - who would it be and why?"
Hmmmm, this one is harder than it looks. There are so many designers whose patterns or fabric lines I just love.  (Imagine the Jeopardy theme playing as I ponder this.)

Who shall I choose? I've always enjoyed Bonnie Hunter's scrappy quilts and her system of using up scrap fabrics . . . I'm crazy about Amanda Murphy's cool designs . . .  I know!! I would choose Jeni Baker of In Color Order!! Why? Because I am color challenged -- so much so, that sometimes I am paralyzed by the choices! Jeni has an incredible series on her blog that you simply must go see if you ever have that problem. (Don't go into denial here; you know who you are.)  Jeni has got the equivalent of a twelve step program called "The Art of Choosing" for those of us with this problem --- everything from color basics to warm vs cool, and how to pick just the right prints to play together nicely! 
She is not only a color virtuoso, but very generous as well, for she shares lots of wonderful ideas and designs on her blog, and she has been an instructor at Sewing Summit, too! (I'm still workin' on my fairy godmother to get me airfare for that....she seems preoccupied with a pumpkin and some mice at the moment.)

 (Jeni's little bunny, George)
And maybe if Jeni came to see me, she would bring her adorable bunny, George! I hope she doesn't mind my showing George to you. I hope you will click on the links up there to visit her blog, learn more about color, and go to George's blog, too!

I guess I made you wait long enough for these . . . here are your bingo words for today from me!
G--snowman or snowmen

Hoping everyone has a lovely day of sewing!!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Bloggers Quilt Festival - My Art Quilt!

Hi everybody!  I'm entering the Bloggers Quilt Festival, hosted by Amy over at Amy's Creative Side. 
I thought I would tell you the story behind my art quilt.
I was so excited to guest post this spring at Jackie's Art Quilts! When Jackie asked me to prepare a guest post, I had a lot of conflicting emotions --- I was happy, but I was also intimidated! I think she is an awesome art quilter, and I love seeing her creations here on the blog!

Jackie, Sunni (from Love Affair with my Brother) and I had all posted tutorials here at the Lilypad, for 3D embellishments for tote bags and other projects that needed a little WOW! added to them. (If you would like to check them out, you can click on the Tutorial page here at the Lilypad.) We had a ball, and I was still thinking along those lines when I came up with the idea for a 3Dimensional art quilt. I call this wallhanging "Spring Dreams" and I like how it turned out!

(If you would like to create your own Spring Dreams just head over to my tutorials page, and you'll find all of the instructions there.)

To make the long story short, I "created" some fabric for the background, with a "wonky" way of piecing different fabrics together, and then I dreamed up some flowers that would be 3 dimensional, instead of flat on the background.

Check out these blooms:

I added stems for the large flowers, and made loopy leaves for them, as well.
I wasn't finished yet, though! I stitched some little butterflies in the open areas, just because I like butterflies!

So, my art quilt was done. I was exhausted from "stretching my boundaries" but doing something new is a very good thing, I decided. At least once in a while.

I'm so glad that you came to visit with me during the Bloggers Quilt Festival!

Be sure to go to Amy's Creative Side and check out all of the wonderful quilts and projects linked up there!


Padsworth's Plans . . .

This has been a whirlwind week --- Padsworth is relaxing in the middle of some 6 inch squares. Can you see which ones he has his eye on?

He and I have plans for these squares, but I can't tell you yet --- I'll be putting together a project and showing you over at Madame Samm's in a few weeks!

Maybe you can guess what it will be? Here is a closer look at some of them:

Well, who will get a "Bingo" today? Will it be you? Here are your words from me for today:

O--teddy bear or bear or teddy
I--polar bear

Be sure to check at Vrooman'sQuilts, HillbillyHandiworks, and Marcia'sCraftySewing for the other words, and if you think you have a winner, check the Bingo winners page at HillbillyHandiworks to see if there's a winner already with that layout, and then let Tonya know, OK?

Hope you are all set for a wonderful weekend . . . remember that Giveaway Day is Monday!!



Thursday, May 17, 2012

Have we got a show for you!!

With apologies to Ringling Brothers . . .

(Twirling moustache and gesturing grandly) Come one, come all! It's the bestest show on earth! It's the annual Pets on Quilts Show, and it's coming in August to Lilypadquilting!

(Thank you to the Snogirl graphics site for the cute ringmaster.)
You'll see ferocious lions, fearless acrobats and delightful clowns! Oh. Ahem. I'd better stop now, or you'll be upset with me for false advertising.

It really IS a wonderful show, though. And I hope that you are getting ready for it! It's a great, big linky party showcasing all of our furry family members, and quilts that feature animals, too.  Let me explain --- if you have not seen the show before, we have two divisions: first, pictures of our pets on quilts (that can be your dog, your cat, your iguana, etc.) and secondly, pictures of quilts with pet or animal themes (again, that is your choice, as long as it is in the Animal Kingdom). 

If you'd like to see what the show was like last year, just click on this link and hop over to SewCalGal's blog --- she was the founder and hostess for the show and did a truly awesome job with it. I'm quaking in my little froggie boots and hoping that I'll be able to do half as well!  Whaa? You don't think I have froggie boots? (Tucking feet under desk) Well, I'm not tellin'!

Now, this is a virtual pet and quilt show. But we want to be like the real shows in one very important way --- we are going to have prizes!  (LOTS of prizes!)  And we have some wonderful sponsors lined up already, and more are on the way!  So get your fingers on the camera buttons, and get ready to compete for prizes from these generous peeps:

The Fat Quarter Shop is providing one winner with a $100 gift certificate!

 The Quilted Kitty is providing something fabulous from their store! The Furry Dudes will select something wonderful, I know.
The Raspberry Rabbits are providing one winner with "The Love of Spring" pattern, floss and wool kits, and two bunny hangers!

Karen at Java House Quilts is going to send one winner the full pattern set for Cat-Acatemy, a super-gorgeous BOM!

Lulu and Maggie (the bassett pups) at the Cotton Patch Quilt Shop are busy picking out something splendid for one of our winners!

The generous folks at Martingale Publishing and That Patchwork Place are providing an e-gift certificate for $25 on anything in their online store! 

Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting will provide three winners with gift certificates for $30 discount on quilting! She's a virtuoso with free motion quilting, and we'll tell more about the gifts in a later post!

Abbi May's online store will supply one of our winners with a $50 gift certificate, for shopping their great selection of fabrics and more!

Pups Etc, a super-fun Etsy shop we found, will be providing a collection of toys for one of our lucky winners!

Kelly at IHAN is thoughtfully selecting just the right prize for one of our winners!

Margaret Bucklew of Patterns2Quilt and Chiseled in Cloth will send one of our winners a download of her awesome product - Quilty Clip Art!

Ronika Lee's Etsy Shop has some wonderful cat toys and beds -- she's providing a plush kitty bed for one of our lucky winner's feline friends!

Jeannette at Inchworm Fabrics is going to sponsor a prize package for one of our winners from her fabulous store!

PopDoggie, another wonderful Etsy shop, is providing a prize, too! 

Whew! I'm pretty tired after all that . . . and there are even more sponsors getting ready to join us! So I hope that you are inspired to take some photos of your furbaby on a quilt, or photos of an animal-themed quilt!  Get them ready to post to your blog or to your Flickr account in August. We'll party and we'll vote, and then we'll award prizes! (I love it when a plan comes together!)

There will be lots of different ways to win, too . . . I probably should tell you about that, huh? (Grin)
If you grab our button and put it on your blog --- voila! You just earned an entry to win a prize!
And if you blog about the show, to get more folks interested and involved --- there's another entry!
See, we love PR angels, so if you help out that way, you'll have more chances to win! We want the show to be the biggest and best ever, in 2012!

Oh! I almost forgot --- here are your Bingo words for today!
O--snowman or snow 

We'll have more posts soon, about some of our sponsors, and tell you more about the prizes, too! 

Have a hoppy day! (Grin) Padsworth wanted me to tell you that!