Friday, April 24, 2015

Weekend fun

You may have seen the new button on the sidebar here at the Lilypad . . .

We are so happy to be participating in the upcoming Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along! Lori Holt's book is so. much. fun.

To prime the pump (that's a farm kid phrase, there) the folks at Fat Quarter Shop have provided a video for you to see.


This uses Lori's Baking Day block. Can't wait to see the other blocks! Stay tuned....the fun begins in May!


Friday, April 17, 2015

An Aurifil finish (it's in the mail now!)

Just finished my mini for my sweet sis -- it is now winging its way across the country to her! Last time I showed you the pattern I used (Spotty Hen) and how it was shaping up. (It was late in the day when I shot these photos, so I have some shadows there!)

I used Joanne Figueroa fabrics, and Aurifil threads for the applique, piecing, and quilting!

I put corners on the back, so that if she wants to hang it, she can. Or she can use it as a nice, large mugrug, with room for a cuppa and a cookie!

Just some outline quilting, seen here.

Here is another look at the applique. Seems I always forget to check for loose threads and brush them off!

This project was lots of fun . . . thank you to Fat Quarter Shop for the inspiration, and to Aurifil threads -- could not have done this without them!


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mini mystery reveal!

This has been fun! It's time to show you my mini -- though it isn't yet complete!

It's a mystery no longer . . . it's a hen and her baby chick!

I love how these Joanne Figueroa fabrics went together, and the Aurifil thread that I used worked so smoothly for both the piecing and the blanket stitches on the applique!

I used some lovely gray for the light fabrics, and chose a coordinating red tone for the wings. Love, love Aurifil in my machine -- no lint and no snarls!

Perle cotton makes the "hay" the eggs are resting on, as well as the beak and feet for the chick. Careful placement of the eyes makes the hen and chick so sweet!

In case you like this and want to make it for your springtime decorating, here is the pattern from Rachels of Greenfield:

My sweet sis will get this as her birthday gift (shhhhhhhh!!) in a week or two. (She is so super-busy that I don't think she'll see this!)  I will finish the applique and put corners on the back -- she can use it as a mug-rug, or hang it to bring a breath of spring whimsy to her office!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and offered a guess!
We'll have more merriment and mayhem soon!


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Mystery clue #2

Here is the next piece fused to my background . . .

The picture is becoming clearer, no?

What's your guess on this mini mystery?

I will reveal more in my next post!


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mini Madness Mystery

The Fat Quarter Shop Mini Madness is over . . . but I was inspired to try one on my own.

These lovely Joanne Figueroa fabrics were calling to me, so I started a mini project.

Aren't they pretty?

Here is the first stage. Think of it as the background. Oops! It's upside down.....

Here are the first two pieces ready to iron down --  there are many more to come, but I thought it might be fun to see if anyone could guess what I'm making?

I'll post more photos soon, and we'll see if y'all can guess what it is!