Sunday, November 29, 2020

Accuquilt - need to finish a Christmas project quickly?

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I'm in love with the new dies at Accuquilt! Just look at all the cute ways to use these and create gifts!

From reindeer to gingerbread men, you are going to find inspiration! 

And those lovely folks at Accuquilt are helping us out with sales! You can get any of these cute dies to make these projects at . . . 

Wait for it . . . 

For twenty percent off!!!

And until December 6, they are offering free shipping in the contiguous United States!!

Click on the link and RUN! Do not walk. Do not pass go. Do not stop at jail. (Grin)

You'll love what you see and you'll love the discounts, too!


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Yes, 2020 will be a year that we long remember. It was a roller coaster ride, no?
But the Lord is still in control, and He brought us through. 
Many of us endured hardships along with the blessings.
But then, Grandma always said we must take the bad with the good.

Today, I'm going to count my blessings. 
And it will take a while, for they are many.
And then I'm going to pray and ask God to favor our leaders with wisdom, our citizens with backbone, and our pastors with endurance.
I'll look in my survival pantry with a grateful heart. And pray that I won't use it much.
I'll look into my family's eyes with love. And pray that we will be safe.
I'll look into my heart and weed out the negative, the unjust, and the hurtful.
And pray to be more like Him.

I hope you will join me. Let's choose to be grateful.


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

A new site, and early sales!

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I don't know about you, but this is not my idea of a good time:

Nor is this:

What am I talking about? 

Black Friday shopping . . . . (Cue the ominous music)

But THIS is my idea of shopping on Black Friday:

And I have a sale to tell you about!

Our buddies at ThermoWeb have launched a brand new web site and they've reduced everything there! And they are offering free shipping on orders over $35.00!!

ThermoWeb offers fabulous products for paper crafting and for sewing and quilting! 

Check out their paper crafting pages for deco foils, card decor, and specialty adhesives so you can create to your heart's content!

Quilters and sewists will love their spray adhesives and trademark "Heat N Bond" products for making our fabric projects quick and fun!

Be sure to use those links to pop over their and enjoy the savings!

This is absolutely the best way to shop before and after Thanksgiving Day!


Tuesday, November 17, 2020

... lids! lids! my kingdom for some more jar lids!!

(With apologies to Shakespeare, I'm reworking the line from Richard III.)

We have picked and cooked our scuppernongs and our muscadines with a Granny Smith apple sliced in, and I pulled out the old family recipe . . . it's an easy one: equal parts grape juice and sugar! For instance, this time I had four cups of juice, so I added four cups of sugar. Toss in a "pat" of butter to cut down on the foaming.

Cook (at a hard boil) until the juice reaches the jelly point, and then pour into clean jars. I got five jars of jelly from this batch. 

I'm guessing that many of you are experiencing the same shortages that I am . . . it's harder to find jar lids than it is to find time to quilt these days. (Grin) That's one reason you see four jars there. It's difficult to find paraffin wax, too, and that is what I would have used to seal more jars. The fifth jar of jelly went in the fridge to be slurped up on low-carb muffins! (Yeah, I know, the sugar in the grape jelly kinda messes up the low carb count of the muffins. C'est la vie! Gotta have some goodies sometimes!)

How about you?
Have you found jars or lids lately? If you did, where did you find those treasures?


Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Party invitation - updated link!

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Sorry, the cyber elves messed up my link at first - should be correct, now!

I do love to use my Accuquilt to speed things along!

You can turn that handle and voila! Squares, circles, triangles, and applique shapes!

Faster than A. J. Foyt rounding the turn in the track, you are on your way to a finished quilting project!

My sis is using her Accuquilt GO! making plans for some happy sewing time:

All those gorgeous squares!

And tumblers . . . 

Accuquilt has SO MANY dies to cut shapes and pieces and even alphabets! (And what's even better is that link, the one that says "So many dies" will get you "Buy one, get one 50% off!" on the dies to go in the Accuquilt machine!)

And in a few days, Accuquilt will have a fun launch party!

Want to attend?

Here is your invitation! Just click there! That link will land you on the registration page, and then you will be all set for the party!

The Accuquilt elves have cooked up some fun - just for signing up, you get three free patterns and you are entered into some awesome giveaways!

The party begins on November 17th, precisely at noon, Central time! 

Come party with us!

See ya there!