Friday, April 13, 2012

Pets on Quilts Show -- 2012 edition

It's coming! In August! It's the Pets on Quilts Show! Yippeee!

Our very own Padsworth will be the master of ceremonies for the show, and we are hoping that lots of you will enter and enjoy the show. 

SewCalGal did a tremendous job of organizing and hosting the show for several years, and we have accepted the challenge and responsibility of this year's show. 
We'll be updating our Pets On Quilts page pretty frequently; it's found at the tab at the top of this page. 

We'll have two categories --- one for real furbabies posing on quilts, and the other for quilts that feature critters of all kinds! So start thinking about your entry for the show!

There will be lots and lots of prizes --- it's going to be a fun party! There'll be lots of ways to win the prizes . . . being a PR angel, and visiting the entries, and more. Why, you'll even get one entry for posting your contest photo in the linky party!

You won't want to miss it! Stay tuned!



  1. Great.. I suppose I will have to put Minnie Monkey on a quilt and have her join in the fun. She loves getting her face on the "big screen"

  2. this sounds so fun!!! I'll have to get the boys "picture ready" hehehehe

  3. Sounds like fun. I always enjoy seeing the pets.

  4. Put your fun new button on the side bar! Wow - August thoughts already.

  5. We are a pet free family but if you need a PR angel, I'm game :)

  6. I'm so honored to pass the "torch" to you. The Pets on Quilts Show is such a fun show. Glad to have you carry it forward. And, I'm looking forward to helping in anyway I can help.

    I've adopted a neighbors cat that I'm hoping will model for me on a quilt. This is a cutie cat that comes running to my home when we come home, go for a walk, work in the yard, etc. Clearly, cats like a good scratch behind the ears and a few tummy rubs and tail scratching.


  7. Oh my goodness we have a pet this year!! I'll add the button soon. Just trying to get through these blogs before Bingo linky starts in 45...and counting...

  8. Was fun last year and looking forward to it again this year.

  9. This sound like lots of FUN! I hope that the summer will give me some breathing room to participate =). I have some ideas already...just getting 'em done =)

    It's really nice of you to host this. I'll betcha it takes lots of hours to make it work =)



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