Sunday, January 27, 2019

Tips on working with denim

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What to do with all those blue jeans (and other colors) that we no longer wear? I wanted to do something to repurpose these denims, so I started cutting them up into squares!

Going to save the pockets for making oven mits, and other fun projects I want to try!

My handy-dandy 4.5 inch square is the perfect help for this project. (You can find one at this link.)

I began by constructing these four patches, and that brings me to my first tip: press, press, press!

With these thick fabrics, nesting those seams becomes vitally important! And that is easier after you press the seams on the two parts of the four-patch. 

Now you can see the method to my madness -- the four-patches are beginning to look like a plaid!

Here's my second tip: choose your needles correctly, or you will find yourself with broken needles, skipped stitches and more!
I found these needles worked great on the thick denim:
You can click on this link to see them at the Fat Quarter Shop - and our buddies there have even marked them down! Snap them up fast if there's a denim project in your quilting future!

I will check back in soon, to show you more progress.
In the meantime, have you made any denim projects? Repurposed some old blue jeans?

Let me know in the comments!

Friday, January 18, 2019

Progress on a UFO

Ain't it terrible how we must work to make time (and money) for our quilting? (Grin) Wow, I've been busy lately, so it made me very, very happy to get in my sewing room last night!

Remember these blocks?

I've completed all twenty-five of the large blocks, and now I'm working on the flimsy.....columns are done!

Here are three of them laid out so that you can see the patterns developing, amidst the color!

(I apologize for that photo - of course it had to be raining and sleeting when I wanted to take a picture outside!)

Soon, I will have them all together, and I think a small white first border will be good . . . hafta figure out what color for the final border. 

Any ideas?