Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Borrowing from Hamlet

To baste or not to baste; that is the question.
(Spray baste, that is.)

Well, that may not be quite what Shakespeare said, but I am curious and hope that you Lilypadquilters will clue me in . . .

I am a member of the spread-my-quilt-on-the-floor-and-pin-it club.

I used to be a charter member of the spread-my-quilt-on-the-floor-and-hand-baste-with-needle-and-thread club.

Been there. Done that. Ready to donate the tee shirt to the local thrift store.

I'm really drawn to the idea of spray basting. Never tried it. Don't know what kind to use. Don't know if it requires any special handling.

Can y'all tell me what YOU do?