Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of my friends across the miles and around the interwebs! I hope and pray that your Christmas will be joyful and peaceful, and that many happy memories will be made!

Be sure to take a moment to stop and breathe!

And take some time to thank Him for sending His Son! He's the reason for this season! Let's find some peeps less fortunate than ourselves, and share His love, blessings, and Hope with them!

Merry Christmas!

Love to all,

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Advice on a treasure

I hope some of you awesome Lilypadquilting friends and neighbors will give me some advice today....

I have a treasured piece of cross-stitch work; this was framed lo, these many years ago, and it hung in my grandma's kitchen for a loooooooong time before it was passed down to me.

I brought it out to admire it again recently and wondered anew if I could refresh it. Here is the problem:

At some point in her kitchen, some water splashed from her sink, I suppose, and made these problem areas.

I'd love to hear from some of you -- how can I remove those stains without harming the lovely piece? I feel confident that I can carefully remove it from it's frame, but what then? 


Friday, December 21, 2018

Final blocks in the Vintage Christmas Sew Along

This week is the official finish of this fun sew-along! It's been great to see all the different blocks that the participating bloggers have created!

Once again, here is the book that we are using:

I would like to encourage y'all to grab a copy of the book, because of all the great projects in it:

Can't you just see these holly-jolly creations at your house?

My block for this week is the cute "Wreath" block. Just like last time, I put two together:

I wanted to show you how I kept all these itty-bitty pieces straight:

And sewing them together gives you these little guys:

Now, remember those two "Warm Hat" blocks from last week? I used some lattice strips around all four of these bad boys, and made a pillow top!

 Yes, little DragonDrop insisted on photobombing....

And he wanted me to show y'all the reverse side of the pillow, too. I found a cute winter print with mittens and hats and snowmen, so I made a two-piece, envelope back for the pillow:

I hope y'all have enjoyed the Fat Quarter Shop's Vintage Christmas Sew Along! It's been fun! Grab one of Lori Holt's books and sew up some of these cute and easy blocks. Big thank you's to our friends at the Fat Quarter Shop for sponsoring this inspiring blog hop!


Friday, December 14, 2018

It's Week 8 of the blog hop!

The Vintage Christmas Sew Along is in full swing! All of the cute blocks that you've been seeing are found in this bodacious book by Lori Holt:

I'll share one block with you this week, and another next week! This week, here is the "Warm Hat" block:

I rooted around, er, dove in and swam like Scrooge McDuck, er, searched through my stash, and came up with some vintage-y fabrics.

I have plans for this block (and next week's, too!) so I made two versions -- just reversed the fabrics for the second one:

Have you ever been sewing happily in your creative space, and then gotten frustrated because you had to struggle with a book? You only wanted it to lie open so that you could refer to it. Is that too much to ask?
But nooooooo, that book dug in its heels and stuck out its chin. It glared at you and said, "You can't make me!" And unfortunately, it was correct!

But no such troubles with these great Lori Holt books from the folks at It's So Emma . . . these are especially made to fold over and lie flat so that you can easily consult them while you are creating!

Gotta love it! And here is where you can get one just for you! (Click on that link and grab one for your very own!)

Here is this week's schedule of creative bloggers:

Week 8 – Friday, December 14

Sure hope that you will join us -- there are many cute projects in the book, and we're having a blast!

Be sure to join us next week; we'll show our second block and the surprise project, too!


Thursday, December 6, 2018

Going, going, (and soon they'll be) gone!

Fat Quarter Shop Jolly Box

I just got word that there are just a few of these great boxes left at the Fat Quarter Shop!

Got a certain quilty someone that you need to get a gift for? They'd love one of these!

Want to get a sneak peek at what's inside? Check it out at this link to the FQS blog!

If you'd like one to give away, or if you'd like one of your very own, just click on that picture up there, and you'll fly through cyber-space to where you can nab one!

Better hurry! They're going.....(well, you know!)