Saturday, July 9, 2022

When the temps go up outside . . . .


Wow, is it hot enough for ya?

We have had "heat index" news of over 107 degrees here in the southland!

I'm a southern girl, and I do love me some summer!

But even I am ready to go inside when the temps get this high, and the humidity is high, too!

So, get ready for a party on Tuesday! That will keep you out of the heat!

Accuquilt is hosting the party on Tuesday, July 12! And here is your link to all the fun! 


(yep, that is an affiliate link, you know the drill: I might get a small commission and your price doesn't budge in order for that to happen!) 

The folks at Accuquilt say to click there and pre-register so you can be in on the best deals of the summer!

There will be awesome project ideas and wonderful prizes, too!

See you over at Accuquilt on Thursday! (It will be a cool alternative to the heat outdoors!!)