Monday, April 2, 2012

Farther Down the Trail . . .

Here are a couple of photos of my Easter table topper's progress . . .

This is a picture of the foundation for the topper. You saw these eggs in progress -- here they are, all completed, and the wedges in a circle, ready to sew together.

I am really liking how this looks, and I hope that you like the way I am "tweaking" the pattern. Amanda used embroidery on the inner petals, but I don't have a machine for that, so I am using a pretty stitch from my lil machine, and then I will put the applique in the middle.

Here's a close up of the stitching on the inner petals:

 (Uh, yes, I do see the stray threads needing to be clipped. Ahem.)

My daughter thought that all the Flora eggs were beautiful, so the center motif will be a basket and more eggs!

You may think I've been moving slowly on this project. Have you ever tried to sew or quilt with a frog in your sewing room? I mean seriously. Do you understand the havoc a young froggie can cause?

Padsworth was convinced that he could be of assistance on centering the outer flower petals on the wedges, and insisted on pulling his share of the applique over "just a little bit."

Then I turned around to catch him trying to snip those threads! 

I told him he was just too young to be handling those scissors . . . he isn't even a year old yet! He's just too stinking cute for his own good, you know? How do you discipline that lil face? (Grin)

Hey, if you want to try the table topper, all of the instructions can be found at Amanda Murphy's Design blog, and all of the templates, too. Just make sure that your studio pet is behaving!