Thursday, February 8, 2018

Craftsy class with Pepper Cory

I wanted to let y'all in on a sale!
(Small disclaimer here; this post contains affiliate links, and if you click and purchase I will receive a small commission but you will not pay a penny more!)

There's a great class on Craftsy by Pepper Cory.....and it's all about scrappy quilting!

Oh, I'm so all over this!

Scrappy is heavenly to me!  Waste not, want not is one of my mantras! (Another one is "small projects are the bomb" and there are several small projects here for quick satisfaction!)

(This is one of the projects posted on the community page for the class.)

And here is the cool part -- are you ready for this?  It's on sale!!!

I really am getting a lot out of these lessons, and I think you will enjoy it too! Whether you are a rookie or an ole-timer like me, Pepper has some great tips, and I love her laid back style!

(Another finished project from the class members.)

If you click on the link near the photo up there (the one with Pepper's smiling face), it will take you to Craftsy, and you can take advantage of the sale price! (It's less than fifteen bucks, that's a clue for ya!)

Have fun!


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Brighten up the place!

Ya know that feeling when you take down the Christmas tree?

Pull down the garland and lights?
Put away the shiny balls and twinkles?
Maybe you are super-organized? Maybe you toss them all into one box?

Then -- you look around at the suddenly-bare rooms. Sigh.


I have a great way for you to brighten up the place!

And it's in the category of Quick, Easy, No-Sew Projects! Seriously.....

Quick Disclaimer here: If you click on the links in this post, it won't add a penny to your purchase, but we'll make a tiny commission if you buy, and then we can bring you more merriment and mayhem in the future!!

OK, back to our fun -- You are going to start with some seriously cute fabrics from a jelly roll. Well, it doesn't have to be a roll, but that fit my plans. You could use some scraps, a layer cake, whatever you have.

This is what I have left from a jelly roll of Sophie. So adorable! You might want to pick some reds and pinks for this time of year.....just sayin'.

Next, you want to grab something to stiffen up your project, and give it some backbone, as my grandma used to say. My weapon of choice is HeatnBond this stuff! For the HeatnBond, I just iron onto the back side of my fabric -- and for this project I then peeled off the other side (wait until the stuff cools a little, OK? Don't ask me....) and ironed another strip of fabric so there was a fabric-adhesive-fabric sandwich there.

Speaking of grandma, I then grabbed one of her cookie cutters and traced that bad boy all along the fabric strip and cut 'em out.... and grabbed another vintage tool, a hole punch, and put it to use.  I'm sure that a more up-to-date punch will work; we're just old school here at the Lilypad!

Here is what I got (I'll pause a minute for you to look, and then drool, and then wipe up your keyboard....there is some serious fabric cuteness here!):

I know, right? Love it!
Now grab some narrow grosgrain ribbon and thread those cuties on!

You now have an adorable fabric garland to brighten up your room! I used it on our mantel:

The "XOXO" wooden cut out is just something I already had here, and I placed some inexpensive silk flowers in the vase:

A "U R Special to me" pick stands in the vase and conveys just the message I wanted to send to Mr. Snoodles:

I just love how the hearts turned out. The HeatnBond works great, and the hearts didn't curl when I put the ribbon through:

Please excuse the wonky photo -- it's the photographer; my house isn't that far off plumb! (Grin)

I hope you enjoyed seeing this project, and maybe you are inspired to brighten up your post-Christmas room, too! 
If you need more inspiration, here is a link to some Valentine's Day themed fabrics that would look great for this project!!