Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Seed packet organizer reveal!

Well, Santa has left the sewing room . . . has it been that long since I posted? Wow! That old rascal pulled out of here muttering something about relaxing on a tropical island. (Grin) Sounds good to me!

First of all, I want to make it abundantly clear that I did not come up with this fabulous organizer! This is a free pattern from Jenny of Elefantz' blog. You can hop over there using this link and make one for your very own!

Now that we've got that out of the way, happy new year!! Gee, I hope this is going to be a better year for everybody! I hear lots of rocks tumbling around, so I believe you all are nodding with me! (Grin) I expect those are just the rocks in my own head.

I showed a sneaky peek of this before Christmas, and then got sidetracked and finished it up between Christmas and New Year's. My sweet sis received it this past week, so I am not spoiling any surprises to show it off to you!

I love the embroidery on this, but I might make another without the embroidery so that I can put it in the pocket of my pants/overalls and take it to the garden with me.....without fearing that I would spoil the pretty stitching.

I really like the cute button that my pincushion swap friend Lois sent to me. 

I think it turned out great! I chose fabrics that I thought my sis would like, and it didn't take a lot -- I shopped my stash for everything! Yay!

Here's how it looked after I put the binding on. I like the dark brown for contrast on the organizer.

I printed out a couple of vintage seed packet fronts to slip in the pockets. I tucked in some tiny packs of flower seed in the other side.

Here is the finish! Taaaadaaaaa!

Many thanks to Jenny for sharing her creativity and talent with us! 

How do YOU organize your seeds? Might there be a seed organizer in your future?