Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ya gotta meet these three!

If you are looking for our wonderful giveaway, please click here and go enter to win! Then come back and see us for our final sponsor spotlight for the Pets on Quilts show! You've just got to meet these three!

We appreciate our Show sponsors so very much! This clambake would not be as much fun, if we didn't have all of these wonderful prizes to give away at the end of the show!

Sponsoring the show again this year is a talented designer of quilts and fabrics, Karen Brow. Please put your hands together for Java House Quilts! (Gotta love that name . . . excuse me while I go get my cuppa - that reminded me that I need some of the elixir.)

Karen has been sewing (and then quilting) since she was fourteen! Her quilt patterns have been featured in many magazines, such as McCall's Quick Quilts as well as in the Quiltmakers' 100 Blocks from Today's Top Designers. The banner on her site says that she offers "Whimsical quilt patterns with delightful animals" and it's true! Take a peek here on her site!

You'll find dogs, cats, frogs (Padworth was so pleased) and forest animals, in beautifully designed patterns. Here is what Karen says about her work:
I have a particular love for setting gentle, appliqué curves against the strong lines of pieced blocks, because the sense of movement and the unexpected disruption of an otherwise anticipated pattern repeat. We can use playful, life-size animals or gently twisting vines and the result is dramatic; they just set each other off.  
And if you check out this picture, you can see her magic:

She also designs wearable art, like vests, and there are patterns for comfy pet beds, too! I really hope that you will click on the linkie and visit her site.....she has so many wonderful patterns -- from playful to lovely -- and I want you to get to know her!
Karen is graciously offering her pattern "Cat-Acatemy" to one of our lucky winners!!  Yay! Hoppy froggies! It's an unusual and beautiful BOM with eight patterns. Click on this link to go and see it. And if you don't come back here for a while, I will totally understand: I sat there and gazed at the Cat-Acatemy for a long time!
Thank you, Karen, for your generous sponsorship of our show!

Another returning sponsor is our lovely friend, Jeanette, from Inchworm Fabrics! Give a warm Lilypadquilting welcome to her! I love her fabric shop --- I know, I know, you are thinking to yourself that I probably love all fabric shops. Sigh. I guess I really do. I like to go in and pick some that calls to me, and take it home and pat it and talk to it . . . Ahem. I have digressed yet again. 
Let me tell you what I think is special about Inchworm Fabrics! For one thing, you can find cute project patterns by our friend Barb at Bejeweled Quilts! Look at this page and see them! 
On the Precuts page, you will find lots of variety in charm packs, at great prices....fat quarter bundles, honey buns, and even turnovers! You don't see those everyday! 
She offers lovely batiks, flat folds, books and more. And did I mention that all of these are at really great prices? I did? OK. 
Ever since I saw a quilt that Barb made from Somoan fabrics, I've drooled over those....and Inchworm Fabrics has a lovely jelly roll of them! Yum!
Inchworm Fabrics is providing a wonderful book for one of our lucky Pet Show winners:

It's Pieced Applique Weekend Projects, by Penny Haren! You'll find patterns and instructions for twelve projects! 
Thank you, Jeanette, and Inchworm Fabrics, for your generous sponsorship!!

New to the 2012 Pet Show is our next sponsor --- Heat Press Batting Together!  I did a review of this product about a year ago, and the Harwoods have developed some new products since then! Their family business is located in California, and Jeanne has been a long arm quilter for years.  She worked on many quilts for charity, and was struck by the large amounts of batting that were left over -- many times in odd sizes and shapes. So, she invented Heat Press Batting Together . . .

Personally, I love this stuff. I swear by it. (Note that I said I swear by it, not at it.) It is a wonderful, easy to use product, and I feel so good about the fact that I don't waste left over batting!  Yes, I know, you can join two pieces of batting with a ziggy zaggy stitch or some other way --- but I got tired of trying to do that without having either gaps and spaces, or having thick, overlapped sections. 
Padsworth says the cloth fusion tape is the "best thing since he discovered that Cousin Esmerelda Froggie lived next to a bait shop." And I'm inclined to agree, although I usually say it's the "best stuff since sliced bread"....
This fusing product is made in the USA, and comes in several different widths and your choice of black or white. 

Once applied, it will stretch instead of popping free; and when I hand-quilted a project with fused-together batting, it needled beautifully . . . no stickiness, and no harder to push through than the rest of the quilt!
Jeanne has generously provided rolls of Heat Press Batting Together for several of our lucky winners!! 
Thank you, Jeanne, and Heat Press Batting Together, for your support of our Pet Show!

I want to express my gratitude to all of our sponsors for our show. I hope that all of you will visit them and think of them when you need to purchase items for your quilting.

Our show begins in ONE WEEK!  Eep! I still have a few last-minute things to do....please excuse my dust!



  1. Great Sponsors. Eeeeps......I need to get to work on my entry.

  2. It is going to be wonderful with all of your great sponsers for it.

  3. Wow, terrific. Thank you for sharing xo

  4. You have some wonderful sponsors...and thanks for the shout out...

    I always love it when people show their quilts and with their actual pets on the fun. Thanks for sponsoring this Showing.


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