Tuesday, July 10, 2012

From France and from the US

I do so love it when the mailman (ours is a fella) brings fun things in the mail! I got two packages recently, one from here in the US, and one all the way from France!

Marjorie (Marjorie's Quilting Bee) did a wonderful job with the Quilts of Valor blog hop, and she sent me not one, but TWO samplers of lovely Aurifil thread! Just look at these yummy colors:

And then, just when Lholy-Chan and I thought it might have gotten lost, my package from her finally did arrive! I think sometimes there are gremlins that like to take our packages and play soccer with them, or use them for seat cushions, or nibble on the edges....but it's here!

And inside that package, I found some lovely things:

There is a wonderful postcard that looks like a vintage one; I love the pictures and text on it! And the little notebook is so pretty -- Lholy said it is from Japan!

Are you turning green with envy, looking at my buttons in the picture? Ya know I love my buttons! (Grin) It's so much fun to have just the right button for a project, especially my 3D projects! Lholy told me that the buttons came from La Droguerie, which she said was a very nice notions shop in Paris! Wow! Now my creations will have an international flair!

And here is my prize from the SewMamaSew giveaway day....this pretty book cover! 
It is stitched so nicely, and even has a marker in there, to hold my place when I stop reading and put down my book! Sweet! And since it is in my new fav color, orange, it is especially nice. (Had to show you those buttons one more time!)

Thank you, Lholy-Chan, for my special gifties! I love them! I hope if y'all have time, you will hop over to visit her at Anomori, her blog! Just click here on the linkie!



  1. I got a nice package in the mail this week too...from Marjorie and the QOV blog hop. But, you will have to wait for my blog post about it.

    If any of those Aurifil threads in your sampler are the fuzzy wooly type threads, they are wonderful for hand stitching.

  2. Getting packages in the mail is always exciting!

  3. Look at all the yumminess!!!!I'm glad the gremlins decided to stop playing with your package and gave it back to the postman to deliver!! The buttons are my favorite =D

  4. It is always nice to get something special in the mail...gifted or purchased! The thread colors are very nice! Love them! Enjoy your goodies!

  5. Lovely gifts in the mail. I am glad that it finally arrived. It was worth the wait.

  6. Lots of great mail you received... Love the new threads..

  7. Don't you just feel like a little kid all over again to receive such treasures in the mail?! Thank you for sharing with us! That thread color is beautiful. Is one of those variegated? Very pretty.

  8. How much fun is that?!? International packages are totally AWESOME! I can't wait to see what you do with those buttons, they are LOVELY!

  9. Thank you very much for this nice post! It's funny to think that the last time I saw these items they were in my living room, and now they're miles away in your home. :) I'm really happy that you liked the package.


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