Monday, July 23, 2012

Three great pet show sponsors . . .

Looking for our great giveaway? Click here to hop over there and enter! Then come back to see some wonderful sponsors for our Pet Show!

What do a sweet bloggy friend, two bunnies, and gorgeous wool projects have in common? Well, you can find all of the above at Raspberry Rabbits!

Our good buddy Michelle is a textile folk artist, and she has two special furbabies, called Hannah and Harrington --- they keep everyone entertained over at the blog. 

And then, Michelle has a wonderful shop filled with yummy projects and supplies! Just click here to hop over there and see . . . want us to wait? OK. (Humming) 

Well, Michelle, Harrington, and Hannah are generous sponsors of our Pet Show (it's coming up soon, ya better get those photos done!) and here are the lovely prizes that will go to one of our winners:

This is one of Michelle's patterns, called For the Love of Spring, and one lucky winner will receive the pattern, and all of this loot, too: 

Gorgeous wools to make the project, and . . .

Rich colors of Valdani floss to accompany it, and (Yep, there's more!) . . .

This adorable bunny hanger for your completed masterpiece!  Thank you so much, Michelle, Harrington, and Hannah, for your sponsorship of the show!

Next we'll shine our spotlight on Marcia, a professional free-style long-arm quilter, who blogs at Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting. She is an inspiration to many of us, who love her free motion quilting designs, and her patchwork innovations, too.
Check out these photos from her gallery:

Marcia offers extra wide backing fabrics in thirty (yep, you read that correctly) different colors, and she has some wonderful notecards listed for you to purchase, too. 
She is generously offering three prizes for our show winners!
Three lucky winners will receive gift certificates for $30 off on her expert quilting of your masterpiece -- any size from baby size to king! This certificate will be valid for sixty days from the date of issue -- and it's transferable, so if you want to gift it to a friend (though I think I would be tempted to keep it all to myself . . . but then I can't win it. Sigh.) you can do so.
You'll be able to browse through her photo gallery and pick something you like, or just chat with her and discover exactly what you think would look awesome -- and she's great at offering suggestions based on your quilt top, too.

Thank you, Marcia, for your generous sponsorship of our show!

Our third sponsor for today is Margaret Bucklew, of Chiseled in Cloth, and Patterns to Quilt, and the site which bears her name --- and more! 
I'm so impressed with this talented lady. I've looked at her sites, and she offers pantographs, lectures on fabric portraiture, oodles of quilt patterns (you do understand the quantity implied by oodles, right?) and so much more. I hope you will take a few moments to check out her sites, and her blog, too. (You'll find exciting scrapbooking ideas, there!)

Take a look at two of these pantographs, and see if you think they are a perfect fit for some of our show quilts: click here for the kitties, and for the pup, called "My Best Friend."

I was moved by her patriotic gallery at Chiseled in Cloth - take the time to click there, and check out the movies that show close-ups of the fantastic artistry on these quilts.  Just beautiful!

Margaret is offering one of our lucky winners the Quilty Clip Art download! Sixty images drawn by her, and offered in jpg and png formats, to make it easy to use for quilting, scrapbooking, newsletters and more!  If you click on that link up there, you can go to the page and watch the video! Oh! And there are two sizes of each image, too. (You can even get a CD, if you prefer that, instead of a download. She thought of everything!)
Thank you, Margaret, for your sponsorship of our show!

This show would not be possible without the generosity of our sponsors, so I hope that you will take time to check out their sites and blogs, and if you see something that you like, make a purchase. If they have an email linkie or a Facebook page, let them know you heard about them at Lilypadquilting, and that you appreciate their sponsorship of the Pets on Quilts Show!



  1. Glad to support this fun event! Looking forward to it.

  2. I'm so bummed! I am not going to make it home now until the end of August - so I won't be able to get any cute pictures of my cat on a quilt :( Stupid hands and doctors appointments! Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!


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