Thursday, July 19, 2012

Progress . . .

I've told the future recipient of this project to avert her eyes (my sweet sis) so that I could show you some progress . . .

Julie at the Intrepid Thread added some lovely scrappy pieces from the Apple of My Eye line, to go with the yardage that I requested. (Thank you so much, Julie!) I love her "Pack and Press" bag in the book, and I'll be reviewing the book when this is completed (and yes, there will be a giveaway!).

Personally, no matter how much I love a pattern, I just have to add some pockets. You can never, ever have too many pockets. Work with me here --- if you are packing up to go to your LQS or your guild, for a day or an evening of sewing and fellowship, there are lots of little things you want to take with you, right? That fat quarter your friend asked you to bring, your rulers, your cutter, some marking pencils, some chocolate . . . but I digress.

I added some pockets to this bag, too! Using some of the afore-mentioned scraps, I fashioned two extra pockets below the gathered pocket in the middle.

I think they will be useful for my sis!

I'm continuing to work on this, and hope to reveal the finish soon!

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