Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tomorrow, tomorrow . . .and a late announcement!

I love ya, tomorrow -- you're only a day away!  

Join us tomorrow for the 2012 Pets on Quilts Show!! 

I'm so embarrassed! I've been so overwhelmed with putting together the Pet Show that I forgot to announce our winner for the Apple A Day book! Gack! Don't hate me!

Mr. Random scratched his head, thought a while, and then chose:

The eleventh comment was from Hilachas! She said:

Congratulations, Hilachas! We'll be sending your info to Brooke, and she will send you your new book! (Woot, I made a rhyme! Ribbit!)


  1. Tomorrow? That is only a day away! I suppose I need to do a photoshoot and preschedule a blog post tonite. I hope my internet is working better then. It is acting up this morning.

  2. Couldn't find a friendly frog to sit on my quilt so I will have to go with what I have.
    See you tomorrow, my little green friend.

  3. COngrats to Hilachas and thank you for hosting - I still cannot get my furries to sit, lay on, or get near one of my quilts and I have put them every where! I may have to use a substitute in the end.

  4. Thanks so much. I enjoyed reading the review on the book and can hardly wait to hold it in my hands in "real life." Ribbit :)

  5. You could have just said Padsworth was "sleeping".

    I'll never hate you.

    Looking forward to the Pets on Quilts Show tomorrow. I'm going to get a big cup of coffee and have fun looking at all the blog entries! Thank you for coordinating this show. I'm sure it is going to be loads and loads of fun.



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