Thursday, July 5, 2012

Are those jingle bells that I hear?

Well, I do declare, I believe those ARE jingle bells . . . Padsworth and I are happy to have a guest poster today, and we are declaring this to be a "Christmas prep" day, today!  After all, you want to be prepared for all the festivities, right? (Grin)

We saw a wonderful project on Belinda's blog, The Seam Rippers, and we asked her to put together a tutorial, for all of you wonderful Lilypadquilting peeps!  So, we'll turn it over to Belinda, and let her take it away!

Hello from Arkansas!! My name is Belinda and my daughter and I share a blog called The Seam Rippers. We do a bit of sewing, quilting, painting and the odd craft from time to time. When Snoodles first asked me to be a guest  on her blog, I was a little unsettled as I'm OK with doing things on my own blog, but on someone else's...not so much. She was very encouraging and so without further ado, here is my Christmas tutorial for July.

Embroidery Hoop Ornament

Gather your supplies listed below:

embroidery hoop
hot glue and gun
puffy or slick paint

Optional supplies:
Acrylic paints and brush (you may want to paint your hoop red or green)
needle and embroidery thread (to outline your pattern or hand applique instead of hot glue)
embellishments of your choice (floral picks, buttons, studs, gems, etc.)

Cut a circle larger than the outside hoop and if desired, mark with a watercolor pencil or disappearing ink pen. Make sure your pattern fits inside the circle with plenty of space around it. I like to use children's coloring pages for pattern ideas, and sometimes I just free hand something.

Cut your designs out of felt or fabric of your choosing. I like the felt because it gives it a little more texture and doesn't fray.  We are doing a gingerbread man today.

Choose which embellishments you want and begin the fun stuff by hot gluing the cut out to the fabric in the center of the hoop. You can also stitch your design on, and this gives it a different style and dimension. 

Using puff or slick paint, create your man's features and let dry completely. To make the little heart, I put two round drops side by side, then take a straight pin and pull down from each one meeting in the middle underneath. You can see where I practiced on the paper.

Tie a loop in your cording, wrap around the screw at the top of the hoop and secure with hot glue. Then tie your ribbon around the screw and start adding your embellishments, hot gluing to keep them in place.

I finish it off by hot gluing rick-rack around the edge and covering the back with more fabric to give it a cleaner look. Just glue it on and trim.

The possibilities are endless and it's great fun to find new designs to try. This is a project that doesn't take much time or money and I hope you enjoyed learning about it!

Thanks for inviting me Snoodles!! Merry Christmas in July!!

Hi, It's Snoodles, back again! Aren't those adorable? I can see several of those in my future! Thanks ever so much, Belinda, for putting together a tutorial for us, and showing us how it's done! 

I hope y'all will leave her a comment and let her know if you liked her project -- and maybe take a quick hop over to her blog and say "howdy" over there!

We'll be back soon with more fun!




  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I was surprised and honored when Snoodles invited me to guest!

  2. These are just so cute! Well done Belinda.

    1. You always say the nicest things! Thank you Sharon!

  3. Very cute. I just can't think about Christmasbefore October.

    1. I think about it all year long, all the time!! A legacy my mother left I think. :)

  4. Amo tanto o natal que já fiquei com árvore montada por três anos,e acendia as luzes todas as noites.Daí as filhas cresceram e me obrigam a desmontá-la e às vezes trocar de enfeites e a própria árvore.Mas o meu Presépio eu não abro mão,está montado por 17 anos no mesmo lugar no canto da sala,as pessoas dizem que dá quero este azar para mim.Bem,adorei seus enfeites e prometo fazê-los para minha porta,cansei de guirlandas,ano passado já não pendurei.Obrigada por aceitar o convite eu adorei mesmo.PS:SAPO AMADO,aqui no Brasil isso é chamado de GUISOS e não de sino,este só nas igrejas.Cultura inútil?Beijos e bençãos para todos.

    1. I very much appreciate your comment! Thank you!

  5. this is a cute project! I'm tucking this idea away for the holidays. xo

  6. I'm bookmarking this.... might even copy it over into a Word Doc and save it in about five places.... it's SEW CUTE! I want to make these. A LOT OF THEM! What a great fun project for gifts to friends, coworkers, quilting/craft buddies. Thank you for posting such a great tutorial, Belinda and Snoodles!!

  7. Thanks to all who commented! Joy, they are really quick to make, fun and inexpensive. I'll probably make more myself! I can see them all hanging on my tree this year. Can't wait!!

  8. What a cute ornament!

    For those of us who make gifts and decorations and crafts for the holidays, it comes up quick, doesn't it? I should get started on the socks I want to make for everyone. It may take a while considering I've never make socks before!

  9. These are adorable! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us!

  10. So stinking cute!!!! I'll have to add these to my to-do =D I love that our cats won't be able to break these :)
    Thank you so much for the great tutorial!!!!

  11. Aww, thanks ladies. You make me smile!!


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