Saturday, July 7, 2012

All the way from Malaysia....

One of the really cool things about SewMamaSew giveaway day is that you are able to visit blogs from all over the world. I always find it a lot of fun to see what quilters and crafters on the other side of the globe are doing!

In May I won an adorable giveaway from Grace at WhimsyLoft -- she has a blog and a wonderful shop, which you can zip over to, by clicking on those linkies.

Here is what she sent to me:

Oh! I forgot, that is such a closeup of the cute fabric, that you can't quite tell what it is..... How about this one?

You guessed it, it is a sweet pouch with a snappy closure --- which Padsworth managed to get himself caught in, right away!
Here is what he was rooting around in there to pull out:

Some cute fabric with iron-on already applied, and some darling stick-on hearts! What fun to add those to projects!
I particularly like the fabric she chose for the inside:

Her workmanship was stellar -- I love my new pouch! I hope you will click on those links up there, and check out her shop . . . she has some lovely things to offer!  She has some really cute tutorials on her blog, too! Go and visit!

Have a wonderful weekend!