Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Meet the Cousins

Padsworth here, and I wanted to show you how Snoodles' Turtle Parade project is progressing! She seems to have had a lot of fun with this, and I could swear that she created likenesses of my second cousins . . .

See if you don't agree -- I believe that this one looks like "Ash-leh" (please imagine that said in a sweet, dulcet southern tone, a la Olivia de Haviland) . . .

And this one resembles "Melanie," with her demurely painted toenails and hairbow to match her shell: 

Here is a close up of Mellie:

This one is "Scah-lett" --- Ya know it has to be her. Look at that scandalous shade of polish, and the rakish angle of the ribbon!

See what I mean? 

Both ladies convinced a lady bug to adorn their accessories --- it didn't take much convincing, since lady bugs are so keen on parades. You didn't know that?

Here is "Selzie" --- short for David O. Selznick. He's a studious sort; note his wayfarer glasses. I occasionally refer to him as "my cousin the nerd."

And bringing up the rear is "Rhett" my second cousin who is a bit of a rogue. 

Here is the entire parade --- Snoodles says she is ready to sandwich and quilt this now. I always start to get hungry when she says that . . .

I'm off to the kitchen to see what I can find!
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  1. You always make me laugh!!! I love the nail polish and the glasses :) So stinking cute!

  2. The painted toenails are killing me with cuteness!!!!!! LOL this is so stinking cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow Padsworth, you have some very elegant lady cousins don't you?

  4. You are seriously creative. Love the embroidery work you did on these and please stop b for a chance to win a pair of angel embroidery scissors:

  5. Oh my! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! The facial expressions are awesome and give them so much personality. Cute!

  6. Hah awesome! Love their little turtle personalities.

  7. Nice to meet the cousins! They are all unique individuals. I found a frog that may be a distant relative of Padsworth when cleaning. I will take a picture and sent it to him. I know for sure he is about 30 years old.

  8. P - tell Snoodles that is going great! Can't wait to see what happens to it next :o)

  9. Love the runner and thanks for the introduction to your cousins Pasworth, they look really lovely (not quite as nice as you).

  10. Toooooo cute! Not only is the runner beautiful, but the 'story' behind it 'makes' it! You are so creative.... oh sorry Padsworth, yes, you are creative too in your own green way, but this time I was talking to Snoodles. Love your work!
    PS Are these hand-appliqued or machine-stitched? Beautiful stitches either way.

  11. LOL, very cool Paddy my friend. Especially the one with glasses.

  12. They are adorable!

  13. oh my goodness, "sew" cute! hugs P.S. see you at the Thursday Favorite Things hop


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