Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Meet the Cousins

Padsworth here, and I wanted to show you how Snoodles' Turtle Parade project is progressing! She seems to have had a lot of fun with this, and I could swear that she created likenesses of my second cousins . . .

See if you don't agree -- I believe that this one looks like "Ash-leh" (please imagine that said in a sweet, dulcet southern tone, a la Olivia de Haviland) . . .

And this one resembles "Melanie," with her demurely painted toenails and hairbow to match her shell: 

Here is a close up of Mellie:

This one is "Scah-lett" --- Ya know it has to be her. Look at that scandalous shade of polish, and the rakish angle of the ribbon!

See what I mean? 

Both ladies convinced a lady bug to adorn their accessories --- it didn't take much convincing, since lady bugs are so keen on parades. You didn't know that?

Here is "Selzie" --- short for David O. Selznick. He's a studious sort; note his wayfarer glasses. I occasionally refer to him as "my cousin the nerd."

And bringing up the rear is "Rhett" my second cousin who is a bit of a rogue. 

Here is the entire parade --- Snoodles says she is ready to sandwich and quilt this now. I always start to get hungry when she says that . . .

I'm off to the kitchen to see what I can find!
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