Friday, July 13, 2012

The sponsor spotlight is turned on . . .

We're shining the spotlight on more of our awesome Pets on Quilts Show sponsors today! First up, is the fabulous Quilted Kitty shop!

I love it when the newsletter from the Quilted Kitty hits my inbox . . . not only is it fun to see what the Furry Dudes are up to, but the fabrics, kits, and notions that are featured in their online store are just wonderful! 
And of course, those of you lucky duckies who live near Lincoln, Nebraska, know that their brick and mortar store is a happening place -- and you get to meet the Furry Dudes in person!
Nanci and Connie do an awesome job of catering to quilters' needs, and of course, to the needs of the furry residents of the shop. They (the furry residents) are the real movers and shakers there, but they let Nanci and Connie assist them.... (Wink)
Wally, who contributes each week with his Wally's Weekender newsletter, is pictured here channeling his inner Oliver Twist:

Remember that line in the movie, "Please, sir, can I have some more?"

Wally comes up with some really neat project ideas, and dictates them to the ladies so they can include them in the newsletter! Meow!

There's the handsome Opie, too, who they say gives great advice on mousing:

And Sophie, who looks like a real quilt diva to me:

Isn't she a doll? I've heard that she has a weakness for Frisky's Treats....turkey variety, dahling!

When you check out their web site, you'll see they have an innovative way of showcasing fabric collections:

They have a lot going on, at both their store and their site . . . they have an awesome selection of batiks, and they are starting up a BOM called "Women of Courage" too. Their tongue-in-cheek "Strip Club" is a super offering, and they have kits, notions, books, and gifts, too. 

Nanci, Connie, and the Furry Dudes got together and decided to sponsor --- not one --- not two --- but THREE prizes for our Pets on Quilts show!

The first is a fabric prize -- look at these adorable prints! Three one yard cuts of kitty fabrics!

Mmmm, snuggled up with your furbaby, having a cup of tea!

The top lucky winner will receive a $50 e-gift certificate for use in the Quilted Kitty online store!

Put your hands, or paws, or flippers together in a big round of applause for the Quilted Kitty!! Thank you, Nanci, Connie, Wally, Opie, and Sophie!

Another sponsor for our show is the talented and humorous Kelly, at I Have a Notion, or IHAN, for short. I've followed Kelly at her blog long enough for the girl to swear out a warrant on me. (Wink) Ever seen her posts about the flamingo family? 

But I digress. The IHAN online store is a wonderland of --- well, of notions! There are so many gorgeous choices there for thread . . . you can get lost looking at all of them.  There's Aurifil, Floriani, Wonderfil, and many more, in shades that will make you drool. Strolling the virtual aisles you will find kits, ink, dye, embellishments, whew! Let me catch my breath!

Kelly also has irons, and tables, and lighting, oh my!  I really can't imagine that you wouldn't find just the right gift there, but just in case, you can even get a gift certificate for that special quilting friend! 

Kelly and her obsessively compulsive elves (they help with packing and shipping, so I hear) have sponsored a prize for one of our lucky winners of the Pets show. Take a peek at this:

Here's a closer look at the lovely fabric:

It measures 18 inches by 14 inches, and has a zippered pocket on the outside, and three pockets on the inside! This beautiful paisley bag from Bagamore collections will belong to one of our winners! Thank you, Kelly!

Another bodacious sponsor for our show is Martingale Books. They graciously sponsor Lilypadquilting, and make it possible for us to review and giveaway books. They have such winning titles available as:

CopyCat Quilts, by Dawn Navarro!
And how about this e-book:

They have other titles, also, that cater to the cat and dog lovers in our audience --- but you can use the gift certificate for anything they have on their site, if you are the lucky winner!!
Thanks, Martingale folks!

We also have another awesome Etsy shop that we're announcing as a sponsor --- Pat's Designs offers dog tags, key chains and more, and is sponsoring two winners!
Check out some of the wonderful handmade things in her store:

I'm really pleased and happy that we have these Etsy shops participating, and I hope you will give them a visit and check out their wonderful handcrafted items!

We'll give you a sneak peek of an upcoming project soon!



  1. I am about to go check out the Quilted Kitty. (how could an animal lover resist?)
    I am very familiar with IHAN and Kelly (Hi Kelly!) She is a truly delightful person.
    Thanks to all the great sponsors!

  2. Hopefully I get back to California in time to snap a few pictures of my cat on one of my quilts!


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