Thursday, July 26, 2012

Give us a hand! A linky party!

(Grin) I wasn't asking for applause, though it really is nice of you!

I'm asking a favor . . .

Padsworth and I are working on the linky party for the Pets on Quilts Show, and I'd like to test my settings.  If some of you have something that you would like to link to, let's go for it!

It can link to a blog post of something you are really proud of.

It can link to a Flickr picture of something that you're bustin' your buttons about.

(Let's keep it clean, folks. Grin)

I'm going to leave it open for about 24 hours or so, and check to see if all of my settings are OK, and that it works like I want it to.

Sound like something you can help me with? I sure hope so!!

This time, you will be the ones hearing the applause -- cos all of us will give you a hand!!

Let's start adding links!
(As always, on Thursdays, I'm linking up with Katherine's Corner, and the Thursday Favorite Things hop! Join us!)