Monday, July 9, 2012

A postcard from Annie!

. . . we interrupt our regular programming to report that unusual seismic activity has occurred in the southeastern US.  Geologists are reluctant to classify this phenomenon as an earthquake or a temblor, due to the rhythmic quality and short nature of the seismic outburst . . .

(Blushing) Actually, I'm the cause of the excitement. Yep. Just me. Opening an envelope and discovering the absolutely most adorable fabric postcard I think I have ever seen:

That fabric and thread artistry is from Annie of Freeze Frame fame --- say that three times FAST! I dare you!  Actually the name of her blog is Annie's Musings, and she has some interesting things to say, and some lovely projects to share!

Lately she has been on a pillow spree, and her latest one just made its way onto my "to-do" list! Check out the fun by clicking here and scrolling down to see her latest pillow.

I digress, though. Back to my causing consternation at the geological facility . . . I was so thrilled when I pulled out my post card that I started jumping up and down. Can you blame me? It is so cute! Annie sure knows what I like! (Grin)  Padsworth was so pleased and thought it was a great likeness of him!

She does great work, too. The stitching on the little frame around the froggie, the narrow binding, is so precise. And can you see the bling? Here, I 'll show you a close up:

Gorgeous metallic thread! (She is very brave, too. I am too "skeert" to try metallic thread!) 

Thank you, Annie, for my wonderful fabric postcard! I really am glad that I asked for it to be sent safely nestled in an envelope -- I would have been very sad if he was marked or damaged on his trip to me! Thank you for such a cute froggie!

Now, y'all be sure to hop over and see what Annie has been up to lately, ya hear?



  1. Lindo e caprichado seu presente,parabéns para artista.Acho que você deveria dar um nome para ser namoradA de Padsworth,ELE ficará agradecido.Beijos.

  2. Gorgeous!! What does the back look like - a regular postcard?? Cool idea - tutorial from her perhaps!!??

  3. LOVE it! Annie rocks!She did an amazing job! So glad to see another beautiful postcard creation!!

  4. are too funny!!! And then froggie popped up and made me smile. He made me smile every time I looked at him. You are very welcome and I'm so glad you like it. Thank you for helping to feed my postcard addiction! Maybe Padsworth can use it as a mirror. LOL

  5. That is just about the cutest post card I have EVER seen! Love it!

  6. Was Padsworth jealous of your excitement over another frog?
    What a cute card!! That Annie is something else!!

  7. So cool and you are so lucky! Love her postcards!

  8. That is totally hilarious and sooo appropriate!

  9. Such a cute postcard! Going to look at Annie's blog right away.

  10. I bet Padsworth was happy he has a 'friend' now. Love the metallic thread touch. Looks like distant 'dew'.... or maybe a distant spider web?! I have to be so careful when using metallic thread, as it seems to break so easily in mid-seam on me. So cute!


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