Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Finish and a Giveaway!

This giveaway is closed now......
Whilst my sister is still looking the other way, I'll show you her present that I finished! Yay! I love getting presents ready early! (Grin)

Here it is:

It's the Pack and Press bag, from the "An Apple A Day" book --- using the wonderful "Apple of My Eye" fabrics from Amanda at the Quilted Fish, and the pattern designed by Julie (of Intrepid Thread fame) that is included in the book.  Oh, these fabrics are to die for . . . so cute; I love all of the colorways that she created!
I'm telling you, it's a wonderful book --- there are nine different projects in it, and they are all great! From necklaces to placemats to quilts and much more!  Amanda has assembled the Creative Design Consultants, a group of talented women that come up with super ideas and then have the skill to translate those into instructions for folks like you and me!
I'd like to show you how the Pack and Press bag works; there is an ironing surface that folds up and becomes the front of the bag, like so:

See the large green and yellow buttons there? (I was so wanting apple-shaped buttons, but I don't have a local quilt shop near me, and the big box store that I went to didn't have any . . . (Pouting) I guess these will have to do. 
Anyway, there are fabric ties that loop and tie around those buttons. The bag itself can hold a nice large cutting mat, or a big "square 'em up" ruler. And of course, there are all these pockets for supplies that you must carry with you. (You know, the coffee or tea bags, the chocolate, the cookies . . . Ahem.)

This is a perfect project (or gift!) for someone who travels to their LQS or to their guild meeting to do some sewing. 
No more standing in line to use the iron and ironing board . . . just open this baby up, and spread out your own personal ironing surface. The Insul-brite inside will protect the surface that you lay it down upon!

Personally, I just love these fabrics --- I gotta show you one more close-up:

I know, I know . . . I heard some of you squealing --- don't be embarrassed; I feel exactly the same way about these adorable prints!
I happen to know that Julie still has some of these in stock, so you might want to hop over there and check it out, before they're gone!

Now, how would you like to have a book giveaway? Applause, applause! One of the talented designers featured in the book  (well, actually her picture is in the book, but her project and the pattern are the things that are featured!) is the lovely Mistress Brooke, of Silly Mama. She does fabulous things with fabrics, and you should check out her blog, and her Etsy shop
Brooke was gracious enough to send me "An Apple A Day" to review, and will provide a copy of the book for one of you lucky peeps!
Let me tell you a little about the book . . . this has to be one of the most inspiring books that I have ever looked through. These ladies dreamed up lovely projects that really let Amanda's fabrics shine. Let me show you just a couple of examples:

This cute quilt is Brooke's project -- scallops and apple can you not love it? 

Jackie from Jackie's Art Quilts designed this necklace . . .who wouldn't love to show up at their next guild meeting wearing this stunning piece of art?

And this is Amanda's "Inside the Box" project -- wonderful! I am going to make some of her 3D pincushion flowers to adorn a project that I'm working on. 
I was really impressed with the instructions (easy to understand), the photos (crisp and clear), and the templates (full size, included in the book). This is truly a book that you will get use out of --- it won't just sit on your shelf, I can assure you!
Leave a comment here telling me what your favorite fruit or veggie is. And no, I won't give your comment special consideration if you say "apple." (Grin)
We'll leave this open until Friday, July 27th, then ask Mr. Random to choose, and announce our winner on Saturday. Brooke will ship the book directly to the winner. 
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Come on, now, don't be shy --- what's your favorite fruit or veggie?