Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Here are your words for Bingo for today!

Just a quick post today . . . working on a May for Me project and I hope to show it to you tomorrow!

Anybody got a "Bingo" yet? Just let Tonya know over at Hillbilly Handiworks . . . 
Be sure to check at Vrooman's Quilts, Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting, and Hillbilly Handiworks blogs for your other words today!

One of our wonderful sponsors is having a super-duper sale . . . please click through from the sidebar to go and see Michele at the Quilt Kit Market. I'm so very sad that she is closing up her online store.  She has reduced everything from 30% to 50%, so you'll find some wonderful bargains there.



  1. So I got the grand total of 0/20 today. AND I have three cards that I am checking as both my children are playing too. So I guess that makes it 0/60!!!!!!!!!!!
    And I only got 3 total yesterday, plus my free ones. I guess on the bright side I am not sewing on many buttons. :D

  2. I had seen Quilt Kit Market was closing. How sad too since I'd just found her site from your blog not that long ago. And how depressing that those awesome prices must be ignored by me too or my checkbook won't be too pleased and neither would my bank. Darn.

    Nope, no Bingo from me over here. And no buttons today either. OH well, there's always tomorrow right?

  3. no bingo for me and I haven't even gotten on space yet.

  4. Well....I have a total of three, BUT they are three in a row!!!!

  5. Stephen felt the need to sew a button on today even though none of his words were called. So he did. LOL.

  6. no bingo, but at least I've got a button from today!!


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