Thursday, May 17, 2012

Have we got a show for you!!

With apologies to Ringling Brothers . . .

(Twirling moustache and gesturing grandly) Come one, come all! It's the bestest show on earth! It's the annual Pets on Quilts Show, and it's coming in August to Lilypadquilting!

(Thank you to the Snogirl graphics site for the cute ringmaster.)
You'll see ferocious lions, fearless acrobats and delightful clowns! Oh. Ahem. I'd better stop now, or you'll be upset with me for false advertising.

It really IS a wonderful show, though. And I hope that you are getting ready for it! It's a great, big linky party showcasing all of our furry family members, and quilts that feature animals, too.  Let me explain --- if you have not seen the show before, we have two divisions: first, pictures of our pets on quilts (that can be your dog, your cat, your iguana, etc.) and secondly, pictures of quilts with pet or animal themes (again, that is your choice, as long as it is in the Animal Kingdom). 

If you'd like to see what the show was like last year, just click on this link and hop over to SewCalGal's blog --- she was the founder and hostess for the show and did a truly awesome job with it. I'm quaking in my little froggie boots and hoping that I'll be able to do half as well!  Whaa? You don't think I have froggie boots? (Tucking feet under desk) Well, I'm not tellin'!

Now, this is a virtual pet and quilt show. But we want to be like the real shows in one very important way --- we are going to have prizes!  (LOTS of prizes!)  And we have some wonderful sponsors lined up already, and more are on the way!  So get your fingers on the camera buttons, and get ready to compete for prizes from these generous peeps:

The Fat Quarter Shop is providing one winner with a $100 gift certificate!

 The Quilted Kitty is providing something fabulous from their store! The Furry Dudes will select something wonderful, I know.
The Raspberry Rabbits are providing one winner with "The Love of Spring" pattern, floss and wool kits, and two bunny hangers!

Karen at Java House Quilts is going to send one winner the full pattern set for Cat-Acatemy, a super-gorgeous BOM!

Lulu and Maggie (the bassett pups) at the Cotton Patch Quilt Shop are busy picking out something splendid for one of our winners!

The generous folks at Martingale Publishing and That Patchwork Place are providing an e-gift certificate for $25 on anything in their online store! 

Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting will provide three winners with gift certificates for $30 discount on quilting! She's a virtuoso with free motion quilting, and we'll tell more about the gifts in a later post!

Abbi May's online store will supply one of our winners with a $50 gift certificate, for shopping their great selection of fabrics and more!

Pups Etc, a super-fun Etsy shop we found, will be providing a collection of toys for one of our lucky winners!

Kelly at IHAN is thoughtfully selecting just the right prize for one of our winners!

Margaret Bucklew of Patterns2Quilt and Chiseled in Cloth will send one of our winners a download of her awesome product - Quilty Clip Art!

Ronika Lee's Etsy Shop has some wonderful cat toys and beds -- she's providing a plush kitty bed for one of our lucky winner's feline friends!

Jeannette at Inchworm Fabrics is going to sponsor a prize package for one of our winners from her fabulous store!

PopDoggie, another wonderful Etsy shop, is providing a prize, too! 

Whew! I'm pretty tired after all that . . . and there are even more sponsors getting ready to join us! So I hope that you are inspired to take some photos of your furbaby on a quilt, or photos of an animal-themed quilt!  Get them ready to post to your blog or to your Flickr account in August. We'll party and we'll vote, and then we'll award prizes! (I love it when a plan comes together!)

There will be lots of different ways to win, too . . . I probably should tell you about that, huh? (Grin)
If you grab our button and put it on your blog --- voila! You just earned an entry to win a prize!
And if you blog about the show, to get more folks interested and involved --- there's another entry!
See, we love PR angels, so if you help out that way, you'll have more chances to win! We want the show to be the biggest and best ever, in 2012!

Oh! I almost forgot --- here are your Bingo words for today!
O--snowman or snow 

We'll have more posts soon, about some of our sponsors, and tell you more about the prizes, too! 

Have a hoppy day! (Grin) Padsworth wanted me to tell you that!



  1. Sounds like it will be a fun show!! I will get my dogs and my quilts out to get some great pics!!!

  2. I will be waiting with camera in hand. How fun.

  3. Going to be such a wonderful show and I'm delighted to be a prize sponsor of this fun event.

  4. Excellent. I know that Minnie Monkey is just begging to sit or lie on a quilt and have her picture taken. grab that button...

  5. Hmmm... button, button...where is the button????

  6. I know you will do a great job hosting this are definitely off to a great start! Can't wait to enter the Kitty Quilt I made for my Son last year!

  7. I look forward to seeing everyone's pet... :)

  8. Wow! I have to get a pic and enter!

  9. I've got the button on my blog.

  10. I wanna get something made...I do I do!!!

  11. Tried to post the badge, but the picture would not come up on my blog! May I post it as a photo instead on the sidebar?

  12. I have the badge up on my page :)

  13. This sounds like fun - I love showing my dog off and can't wait to see everyone else's pets too! I have added the button to my blog. Thanks!!

  14. Sounds fun. Must post the badge and get my camera out - Picasso and Scamp love posing for photos

  15. I've got the button on my blog and getting the terrible twins ready for photo ops. I love this show!

  16. Thank You for stepping up and hosting this wonderful show.. Sorry to hear the Darlene will not be this years host blog, but she has handed it to a great blog and I look forward to another great show with lots of beautiful pets on guilts and guilts with pets... I just love looking at all the entries...

    I just posted the Pets on a quilt button on my blog and as the contest draws closer I will post about the show as I do every year...


  17. Hi! This sounds so much fun - I'm happy I found you and your lovely blog! x Teje & Nero

  18. Oooh how exciting; I love quilts and I love my dog, sounds like a match made in heaven (if I can bear to let him near a quilt that is.) I am going to go get a button now to remind me in august!

  19. I've put the button on my blog and I will be blogging a little closer to the time. I'm hoping I can enter a quilt and a pet on a quilt because I have something up my sleeve for both!

  20. Sounds fun! I put the button on my blog and I'll post about it as the date gets sooner!

  21. I missed out on Pets On Quilts last year but not this time round! I've added your button to my side bar. Now I just have to convince my rotty ;o)

  22. I'm excited to join in! I just put your button on my Kinda goes without saying who my subject is. But I have 4 kitties that are not camera shy.
    Thanks for doing such a fun project. BTW, Sew Cal Girl sent me over here.

  23. There's something to be said for insomnia - a chance to CATch up on my blog reading and discovering Pets On Quilts...I'm just purring with delight. Your button is now ready to click on my sidebar, with a blog soon to follow this week.

  24. I've had your button my for a couple of weeks now, and I just did a post about it!

  25. This is going to be fun! I hope my husband is able to fix my laptop so I can get my pictures off it, my cats love quilts as much as I do!

  26. Got and posted your button on my blog. I guess you'll let us know when to post our photo.

  27. Posted your button on my blog :) Wilson is excited about the 'show'! Happy quilting!

  28. I hope I did it right. I've posted links to two pictures...and one blog. The blog is full of links back to you.

    Great idea for a linky party. Thank you!!

  29. I love this idea!! Grabbed the button, off to blog about it! Excited!

  30. Well, I posted my pictures on my blog today. How do we vote? I want to see all the other fun pictures people have posted. I'm hoping you are posting a list?

  31. Got the button, now I'm working on my pet-on-quilt post :)

  32. Do you know when in August the Pets on Quilt Show is? I just want to make sure I have my post written in time! thanks!


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