Friday, May 18, 2012

Padsworth's Plans . . .

This has been a whirlwind week --- Padsworth is relaxing in the middle of some 6 inch squares. Can you see which ones he has his eye on?

He and I have plans for these squares, but I can't tell you yet --- I'll be putting together a project and showing you over at Madame Samm's in a few weeks!

Maybe you can guess what it will be? Here is a closer look at some of them:

Well, who will get a "Bingo" today? Will it be you? Here are your words from me for today:

O--teddy bear or bear or teddy
I--polar bear

Be sure to check at Vrooman'sQuilts, HillbillyHandiworks, and Marcia'sCraftySewing for the other words, and if you think you have a winner, check the Bingo winners page at HillbillyHandiworks to see if there's a winner already with that layout, and then let Tonya know, OK?

Hope you are all set for a wonderful weekend . . . remember that Giveaway Day is Monday!!




  1. uhh, I'm guessing a I spy sort of thing or hot pads.... you just can't cut up his friends????
    or what about a little pouch for him to sleep in?

  2. That is a unique variety that's for sure!

  3. LOVE the dog fabric- where did you find it?


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