Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Button, button . . .and my fav block

Button, button, who will sew on a button today? Will it be you? How is your bingo card coming along?

As one of the Bingo bloggers (that has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Kinda just rolls right off your tongue . . . bingo bloggers) I've been asked to tell you a little about my quilting preferences.  At the risk of boring you, I will fill you in on what used to be my automatic, quick-as-a-wink answer for "what's your favorite color?"  It was this:

Just about any shade, any texture, so long as it could be called "blue."
Now-a-days, I'm getting a little more eccentric, er, crazy, er, open to color palettes, and I find my favorite is: 

That was yesterday . . . here is today's color:

And tomorrow might be:

You can see that I'm bouncing all over the place and being more adventurous, ay?
As far as favorite blocks, I adore the old-fashioned ones, and I'm planning a sampler quilt a-la-Bonnie-Hunter, in oranges and white like her Cream-sicle quilt. (Or did she call it Dream-sicle...) Anyway, I hope to get started on that shortly after the next seventeen projects on my list, which should bring me to about the second quarter of 2016. (Grin)
My favorite block of all time is this one:

It's called Blackford's Beauty. I've tried to track down some history on it, and as usual in old quilt blocks, there are varying theories! I've settled on one that suits me because I'm a history buff:  
   The block was named for a ford ( river crossing ) near Sharpsburg , Maryland  - The Confederate Army of Northern Virginia crossed the Potomac River at this point to get back to the safety of Confederate ground - not knowing at that time they out numbered the Union Army there -- this was following the bloody slaughter at Antietam ,Sept. 17 1862 -- the following summer was the battle of Gettysburg where the South's spirit was broken ---
The block can be stunning in different colorways:

(The history and the images are all from the Quilter's Cache web site, and I'm grateful for their assistance.)

Back to bingo!!

I hope you'll find something for your card right here:

O--spiderweb (but not spider)
N--tie dye

If you didn't find a word here, be sure to check the other blogs (there are linkies in the previous post) and see if there are some for you there!
Have a lovely day!