Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Bingo Fun Begins!

Today is the first day of Bingo, in our May for Me extravaganza! All this month, we'll be encouraging you to take time for YOU --- even if it is just a few minutes . . . or maybe if you are lucky (and lock your sewing room door) you will get a whole hour of fun!

My partners and I will begin calling today, so I hope you registered your Bingo card at the linky party.  I know that 98 of you did!

So have your card at the ready, and some buttons to sew on, and I'll give you the list for today from Lilypadquilting. You'll need to tune in at all three of the other blogs to get the rest of the words for today, OK?

Here we go!

N -- Checks
G -- Cucumber
B -- Pot of Gold or Gold
G -- Holly
B -- Present(s)

Now, check your card carefully, and sew a button on the square if you have any of those above. When we get a little further along, and someone hollers "Bingo!" they'll be asked to take a photo of their completed card to prove their score -- you don't want to find out you made a mistake and didn't really win one of those wonderful prizes, now, do you? I didn't think so. So check and double-check your cards with the words called on the blogs!

On another note, I received some lovely things in the mail last week, and I wanted to show you. Frances at One More Quilt had a giveaway, and I won this gorgeous home dec weight fabric!

Isn't it nice? I'm trying to decide whether to make a tablecloth and then find uses for the leftovers, or to make sturdy totes and embellish them (you know what a sucker I am for playing with 3D embellishments!).  Frances is incredibly generous -- there's four yards here! Woot!

Then, Brooke had a giveaway on her blog, SillyMamaQuilts, and I won these:

Oh, how I love those! I'm planning a tablerunner from them, if I can hide them from Elby . . . she loves blues and greens, so she'll snag them and use them for something if I'm not careful! (Grin)

Have fun with Bingo -- on your way, now! Go check out the other blogs and sew on some buttons if they call a word on your card (in the correct column, of course!).



  1. Maybe Elby won't want them now since they are covered in frog slobbers AND Snoodles slobbers.

  2. I wish life hadn't gotten in the way of my plans to make a bingo card! Oh well, I will play the next time you ladies do this! Love your fat quarters :)

  3. Happy May for Me to you!
    Enjoy the first day of May to you and Padworth too! He always look happy!

  4. Ohhh congrats on the fabric! I can't wait to see your table runner =D

  5. Lovely wins! There will be fun sewing ahead.

  6. congrats on those fabulous wins.
    no bingo letters for me today.

  7. Lovely winnings! I think I'd hide the blue and green from Elby, too! And it sounds like you have enough of the pretty plaid to make both a table topper and a tote.

    May for Me...sew fun!

  8. Great wins! No bingo letters for me today.

  9. Thanks so much for the great shout out!! Enjoy the fabric, I'll look forward to seeing your completed project! Enjoy!!


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