Thursday, May 3, 2012

Playing with Power Pop

Remember a couple of days ago, I showed you my winnings from Brooke? Lovely large pieces of Power Pop!

I cut them into strips of varying widths, and I am sewing them together in a (sort of) random fashion. You know, kinda like when you are sewing string blocks . . . you reach into the tub or baggie and if you don't like the looks of what you get the first time, you dig in again! (Wink)

Well, I reached over to grab another strip and it tugged back!!

I dunno. Do you think he's hit the terrible twos early? (Grin)  He was having a blast playing in the Power Pop! Hey, I don't blame him --- there have been some lines of fabric that I would definitely like to play in!

Here is a peek at my project before I had to take a time out to deal with Padsworth:

Speaking of playing games, Padsworth just reminded me that it's time to call some Bingo words for you special peeps that are playing Bingo with us this May!

Here you go!


Be sure to go by and see Vrooman's Quilts, Crafty Sewing and Quilting, and Hillbilly Handiworks, to get the rest of your words for the day. And if you think you have a win, check out the Bingo page on Hillbilly Handiworks, to find out what you need to do to claim a prize!

Good luck! I'm off to play with Power Pop (and Padsworth) again!

I'm linking up today with Rebecca Lynne, at the Thursday Think Tank -- I'm thinking about how I'm going to free motion quilt this runner!  I'm also linking up with Thursday Favorite Things!
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