Monday, May 14, 2012

Power Pop runner is done!

Hi, everybody -- I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day! I'm here to show you my finished table runner . . . made from the luscious Power Pop line . . . the weather was not cooperating, but I sneaked out between the rain clouds and snapped a photo:

I'm pretty proud of this one . . . I was able to free motion quilt it with an all over stippling, and I had a lot fewer itty-bitty-stitches-whoops-there's-a humongously-long-one-issues!  I've been soaking up the Leah Day videos and also the tutorial over at SewCalGal's place. I feel like I am learning a lot!

I'm not all that pleased with the edge finish on this one. I prepared a narrow binding, and used up all of my blue Power Pop (waaaah!). I tried a decorative stitch instead of my usual hand-stitching. All I have to say about it, is that one day soon I may get out my trusty rotary cutter and slice off that binding, and do it the usual way . . . I know that my runner will end up a little more narrow, but I'll be happier when I look at it! (Grin)
I would have taken a picture of it, but my camera batteries died, and I need to go and buy some more. (Waaaah again!)
Methinks I will scoot over to Miss Julie's shop and see if she has any of that lovely blue Power Pop left!  If you've not visited the Intrepid Thread, you are missing out on fabulous fabric and superior service, too! (And besides, Julie is such a sweetheart to work with! She sponsors lots of lovely giveaways, and her profits go to a fantastic effort in Haiti.)

Well, here are your Bingo words for today -- will this be the day you get a bingo? We've been having some winners lately, so be sure to check the other blogs and let us know!  Get your words at VroomansQuilts, HillbillyHandiworks, and CraftySewingandQuilting!
B--bus (or school bus)
I--tape measure
I--flag or checkered flag

Find some "me" time today!



  1. Great table runner - great fabric. I prefer hand finishing my bindings too. I only machine stitch bindings if a charity requests it on their quilts.

  2. Love, love it!!! Well done!!! So glad to see your wonderful the design....Have a wonderful day!

  3. I think the runner looks fabulous. Only you will know about those "BIG" stitches.

  4. Very pretty blues! And nice FMQ. ;)

  5. Your table runner is beautiful. Love that big floral in it.

  6. I think your table runner is lovely....

    no Buttons on your post today.

  7. Your table runner turned out absolutely gorgeous!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!

  8. These are really pretty fabrics you've created this runner with. I hope you find more blue so that you'll be completely happy with it! It's gorgeous.

  9. I prefer hand bindings too. It is beautiful!

  10. It is stunning! Sorry your binding didn't turn out the way you wanted it too. I usually hand bind for small projects that won't get washed very often and then machine bind for larger projects that are going to end up getting washed a lot.


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