Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Introducing the Green Streak

Those of you who visit here often may remember the fun we had last week, coming up with names for Padsworth, when he assumes his super-hero role . . . 
Usually he is a mild-mannered frog about the sewing room . . . 

He enjoys mascot status here at the Lilypadquilting blog -- he is the symbol of our virtual design wall web site, Ole Frog Eyes, and he keeps us aware of updates and upgrades at the OFE site.

Remember that he stole my bingo card and made a cape out of it?

Well, Paddy and I both enjoyed all of your great answers, and we thought we would carry this one step further --- so without further ado, let me introduce 

The Green Streak

In true super-hero style, he has his own lead-in, and accessories, too --- imagine all of this said with a drum roll in the background, and one of those rich-voiced announcers saying:

It's a bird -- it's a plane --- no, it's the Green Streak! 

The Protector of Patchwork! 

Armed with his trusty 2.5 inch square and his seam ripper he is on a crusade to remind quilters everywhere to "measure twice, cut once, and always sew with a scant quarter-inch seam!"

Leapin' Lilypads, Padsworth! You've changed so! (Swoon)

(If I remember correctly, it was Sharon (Vrooman'sQuilts) and Melissa (SewBittersweetDesigns) who came up with his name and his mission -- thank you ladies!)

Ahem. Our announcer is not finished yet . . . 

"Able to leap large piles of fat quarters -- able to scale tall machines in a single bound (usually), staunchly defending the right to quilt without fear . . . it's the Green Streak!!"

So, the next time you approach a stack of fabric, or consider a new technique, or pull a project out to inspect your stitches, just remember that the Green Streak is on your side, quilters! 

And yes, his super shirt is made of quilt batting, with the lightning bolt appliqued to the front. Have you ever tried designing a shirt for a frog? Sheesh! 

Well, we thank you for your attention today - and please feel free to holler for Padsworth, er, the Green Streak whenever you're in a tight quilting spot! 

Here are your bingo words for today!
Have a hoppy day of sewing!!

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  1. Oh Green Streak, finally someone to replace Super Grover in my heart. The seam ripper is forever needed in my place and I love the fact that you carry spare batting for when a project needs that little bit extra.
    I would like to suggest that tomorrow you call "FROG" as a bingo word - no matter what column in honor of your new super hero status. :D

  2. Love the Green Streak shirt! Hopefully it is a breathable batting ....being summer and all! so cute!

  3. Very cute....looks like you had fun playing too.

  4. I feel SEW much better knowing Green Streak is out there!

  5. Can he come a live here for a while. Could do with him peering over the top of the sewing machine spurring me on.

  6. awww, that is just TOO cute..... so with his help I hope you don't have to FROG a quilt anytime soon.

  7. Green Streak....heavy are my hero! I'm a bit partial to your alter ego "Padsworth" though. Don't forget your roots dear. *wink*

  8. Now to sew a shirt for a frog - er, super hero - you have too much time on your hands. And the seamripper is perfect - ribbit, ribbit! (frog stitching)

  9. I like that name!!! We should all have a mascot for our sewing rooms!

  10. I just spit out my coffee!!! Thank you for such a good giggle!!!
    The pictures are awesome!!! I especially love the one where he looks like he is running with the 2 1/2" square and seam ripper!!!

  11. Go... little green streak...

  12. I just love The Green Streak. I think one of his greatest fans!

  13. there is always room for another super hero ... and cute one at that
    in stitches

  14. What a terrific quilting companion in The Green Streak! His antics always makes me 'smile' and starts the day off on a good foot.

  15. Love his BINGO cape!!! :-) My BINGO card is destined to become placemats for my baby granddaughter after the game is over. She has always been fascinated by the colorful placemats on my table, and now she will have a bright, colorful and fun one of her own!! I may just have to make a whole set for her... one with farm animals, one with zoo animals, one with foods, one with household items.... the list goes on and on!! COOL! :-)

  16. OMG I love it!! You always make my day!!! :)


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