Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bingo words and May for Me fabrics

I recently received some solid fat quarters from Contemporary Cloth --- I tried taking pictures of these, but even photographing outside, I just couldn't quite capture the vibrant colors.

These are so much more gorgeous in person!  I was really impressed with Contemporary Cloth's selection, and their great pricing, too!  Padsworth says you should check them out, OK? (Wink) Here's a linkie to take you there ever so swiftly!

I'm trying to decide what to make with them . . . I've really been drawn to some of the modern designs lately, like these

This one is is called Sherbet Squares, from Freshlemonquilts
(Faith has an awesome site with patterns and mouth-watering pictures, and she designed a lovely block that's featured in the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine that just splashed down recently!)

This stacked coins quilt is from Handmade by Molly blog.
I've seen some awesome projects with solids in half square triangles, too. I'm torn. They are all inspiring. Can't decide whether the background should be black or white, either!
Well, whilst I dither about yet another new project, here are your words for today:

 B--gingerbread man 
 O--Swan or Swain

Have fun today!



  1. Gorgeous colors, either quilt would be amazing with those!

  2. Did you know that N-Bulldog was called last week. As it is one of only 3 that I have on my card I thought I might see if I could get a bonus for having two buttons on the same space!!
    Love the new look Padsworth. I made a lovely stacked coins quilt with butterflies going up it - I am just waiting to get it back from the quilter and then I will post photos.

  3. I love the Sherbet squares!!! They look amazing in the solids!!!

  4. Now I could make you scratch your head further - a black background with applique circles!

  5. Love the bright Chinese Coin but the sherbet Squares would look fab in the solids....

    No butttons from your blog today :(

  6. (Yay! I got one!)

    Sherbet Squares would be AWESOME!

  7. Isn't contemporary cloth just wonderful! Sondra is a class act :) Can't wait to see what you make!

  8. Great colors and they would look so good in the Sherbet Squares.


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