Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hi! Padsworth and Dragondrop here!

We thought we'd tell you about Snoodles' visit at the lake . . . she was kinda busy and so we took pictures for her! Ribbit! Rawr!

Is it? 
Is it? 
It IS!!!! 
Yay! It's Snoodles! Run like the wind! Oh, I wish I could fly, but I can't yet!

Here we are! 
We're awfully glad to see you!!

Outa my way! I want to get a pat from Dad, too!

Did ya bring us something? Huh? Did ya?

I could swear I saw something in Mom's (Snoodles') hand . . .

I did! I did! Yum, yum! Lunch!

Our heads are moving so fast they are a blur!

There's plenty for everyone!

Ahhhh! Full tummies!

Hey! Are ya getting my best side, here?

See, it's best that Dragondrop and I were snapping photos, because now Snoodles is surrounded by duckies that want to be loved and patted . . . 

And then they are ready to go back in for a swim!



  1. Padsworth and Dragondrop have all the fun!!

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for visiting the babies! They all look so grown up *sniff sniff*. They look very happy and healthy. Great job mama and papa!!!!

  3. Awwwww! This put the biggest smile on my face! They love you!

  4. This is lovely. You two stay behind the camera and hang on tight just in case they get really hungry and decide that the frog and dragon that looked after them as babies suddenly looks really tasty.
    Glad to see the ducks are doing well. Enjoy the sunshine, and hugs to Padsworth.

  5. Too cute! Thank you Dragondrop and Padsworth for the photos and story. So glad the babies are growing up so beautifully.

  6. Awwww I am so glad that you are visiting them! I can see how much they missed you. I am glad they seem to be doing so well too.

  7. how fun! amazing how fast the ducks grew up, and that they came to you. sweet

  8. Great job there, padsworth n dragondrop!;)


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